DIY Paper Flowers–Pretty Party Decorations

This is a sponsored post.  All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. Giant paper flowers can instantly add a festive and pretty touch to any party!  The Big Bloom Kits have everything you need in one box to create DIY flowers that will make you look like the hostess of the year! These are perfect for summer parties, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and birthdays….well, really any … [read more]

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Three Ways to Handle Your Etsy Shop Returns

Returns, nobody loves them but pretty much everybody that sells anything deals with them from time to time. You know what they say, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Every once in awhile, someone is going to want to send something back. How you handle that can make a big difference in the long term success of your business. Do you see it as an expense? A huge pain in the … [read more]


25 DIY Leather Gifts for Men

25 DIY Leather Gifts for Men Shopping for gifts for men can be super difficult.  Go ahead and make them something extra special this time with this collection of DIY leather gifts!  They will love it, and you’re sure to spend so much less.  Handmade gifts rock, don’t you think!? Our collection of 101 Handmade Gifts for Men was so popular we thought you might enjoy a few more!  Have fun … [read more]


Etsy Business Planner Stickers–Free Printable

Free Etsy Business Planner Stickers Are you a planner girl?  Do you have an Etsy business?  This is for you! Over the last 5 years or so I’ve really turned into the biggest planner geek ever!  Planners are a huge help in organizing when you have an Etsy business, blog, doTERRA business or all of them at once like I do! I write down everything and try to keep track of what’s coming up.  I … [read more]

Endicia Delivery Notification Service

Endicia’s New Delivery Notifications {Etsy Business}

How about an email each day that tells you the status of your outgoing shipments? Our favorite provider of shipping labels and related services just upped their game yet again. Endicia, which has been rolling out improvements at a brisk pace for a couple of years now, has just released a new shipping notification service that you may find very useful for your Etsy business. With Endicia’s … [read more]


Get Your Etsy Shop Featured on Instagram & Pinterest!

We’ve come up with an awesome new way to share your Etsy shop with the world!  Everyone can use a little extra promotion, right? Each week we’ll pick 7 Etsy shops to feature!!! You never know who will see your fabulous shop as we feature them on Everything Etsy’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts…for free! {This will reach over 100k fans!} Here’s how it works… You help us spread the … [read more]


DIY Beard Oil {Gifts for Him}–Free Printable Label

Create your own DIY Beard Oil in minutes!  It’s the perfect gift for the men in your life. Beard oil can be super expensive, so why not make it yourself?! Here’s the quick how-to on creating the perfect blend along with some handsome beard oil label printables to add that special touch. Supplies you’ll need… Carrier Oil {I use sweet almond oil or Jojoba} Adorable 1 oz. … [read more]


DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Are you interested in more all-natural laundry solutions?  Trying to stay away from yucky chemicals whenever possible?  You will love this! These DIY Wool Dryer Balls are an awesome project that’s quick and easy!  That works for me! Make a batch of them and share some with family and friends. First, let me start off by sharing some of the benefits of using wool dryer balls with your … [read more]


Increase Etsy Shop Profits with Free Shipping and Free Returns

Is it time to start offering free shipping in your Etsy shop? What about free returns? It could be the most profitable move you make this year. Before getting into the why’s and how’s, it’s important to acknowledge the drawbacks. Free shipping, either on delivery or for returns, isn’t actually free! You, as the seller, end up paying the cost. So drawback numero uno is the … [read more]


DIY Lush Inspired Bath Bombs

I have a slight obsession with homemade bath products.  When I see all the fabulous bath bombs at Lush I can’t help but think of how I can make a batch of them myself.  I believe I’ve come up with the perfect recipe to turn you into a DIY bath bomb expert in no time flat! You deserve to enjoy a relaxing bath without spending a ton on a bath bomb…trust me, you won’t know the difference between … [read more]

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Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

Mother’s Day and handmade gifts go together perfectly!  Check out this amazing gift idea… The Twenty Fingers – Floral Notebook How’s this for cute?  I love … [read more]

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