Etsy Selling Strategy {Listing in Groups}

selling on etsy renew listing in groups

Stop the presses. Gasp. I was wrong! (Actually it happens all the time, but don’t tell Tim.) Last week we were talking about the new Etsy Search results and how they could/would impact sales. I made the comment that renewing your listings was “done”, over, yesterday’s news. (Read that post and comment discussion here.) Grouped… [read more]

3 Common Sense Rules for Selling on Etsy


Every once in awhile a wave of change rolls through the community of Etsy Sellers. Here’s what happens: Etsy decides to change the way they do something, like they did last week by switching to a relevancy based search results, or like they’ll be doing soon with a new option to purchase a promotional space… [read more]

Pinterest Love


By now you all know I’m seriously in love with Pinterest!!! I really enjoy scrolling through the latest and greatest pins…like every day of the week.  There’s always some creative idea or inspiring photo I need to pin!  The boards make it so easy for me to find everything when I want to go back… [read more]