22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room – – Part 2


Let’s get organized!  Whenever I organize and update my craft room I end up finding lots of beautiful supplies that I forgot about can’t wait to try.  I feel much more creative working in a clean area and all those long lost supplies inspire me to get CRAFTY!  This is the second post with tips… [read more]

22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room


Craft supplies can take over your crafty space!  I have the hardest time with supplies because I’m a seriously messy crafter!  I spread stuff everywhere when I’m working on a project and cute storage ideas make a world of difference to me when it’s time to straighten up. I thought I’d share some creative ideas… [read more]

The Fancy Farmgirl Studio


Are you organizing your craft supplies?  Do you dream of a craft studio that inspires?  Here’s a fabulous and FANCY craft studio that belongs to the lovely Tiffany from The Fancy Farmgirl.  I’m sure you can find a bit of inspiration in this amazing space!  All those vintage baskets and supplies are so pretty I’d… [read more]

Craft Room Envy {Craftaholics Anonymous}


Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous just created this crisp, clean and completely awesome craft room of her very own.  Wow!  Wouldn’t you like to be her neighbor?  I would.  I could bring my own supplies and hang out there anytime! Did you notice the yellow chandelier?  I’m a sucker for a spray painted chandelier and I… [read more]

Get Crafty With Your Laundry Room

Sometimes I feature large, beautiful craft studios that you would need an extra room in your house to even get started. Well, this one can be done in most homes…a crafty laundry room! There’s plenty of work space with lots of storage area. Cabinets and drawers are everywhere. Think of great stuff you could stash away in… [read more]

Buttons, Ribbon & More…Craft Supply Love!


{Madame Cupcake} Craft supplies are beautiful and when you put them on display!  All white buttons in a vintage candy machine is enough to make me yell for everyone in the house to come take a look.  But, I do live in a house full of boys so they wouldn’t understand. Seriously, who wouldn’t want… [read more]

A Dream Craft Studio — Allsorts


This is a dream craft studio for sure! Working with these colors all around you would make anyone feel like creating something beautiful.  I know I could work in here all day and night! The perfect shade of blue on the walls and all that fabric stacked just so, make me want to learn to sew! And I have… [read more]