25 Spring Wreaths {DIY Home Decor}

Spring Wreath 1

Spring is a beautiful time of year, and a colorful wreath is always my first DIY project of the season!  Have you ever noticed just how expensive a wreath can be at the store? Creating a spring wreath can be so much cheaper, and it’s always a simple project! I’ve gathered some of the most beautiful… [read more]

Holiday Card Giveaway–Botanical PaperWorks


Personalized Holiday Card Giveaway from Botanical PaperWorks It’s the time of year to start thinking about your holiday cards!  Why not mix thing up this year with a plantable card…yes, you can plant it to grow beautiful flowers!  Now that’s original! Express yourself with stylish and eco-friendly personalized Christmas cards from Botanical PaperWorks that grow… [read more]

Pom Pom Flowers & Yarn Wrapped Bottles


Pom pom flowers and yarn wrapped bottles are a great way to add a little something special to your home with spending a dime.  That’s my kind of decorating! There’s no need to run to the store for supplies.  Gather up some of those old bottles you’ve been saving, yarn scraps and a bunch of… [read more]

Organizing Craft Supplies–Fresh Ideas to Inspire!


I know you must have some craft supplies that could use a bit of organization…we all do!  It’s hard to be creative and keep all your supplies in their spot and not hidden away in a drawer never to be seen again. {Not that I’ve ever had that problem…lol!} These fresh craft supply organization ideas… [read more]

Chalkboard Library Crate {Tutorial}

Chalkboard Library Crate … ♥ I don’t know about you guys… but we have a serious problem with remembering when our library books are due. I think our late fees alone might have funded the newly re-modeled portion of our local library … yikes I stumbled upon this library crate here …which I thought was… [read more]

101 Green Handmade Gift Tutorials


Pin It These crafty green gift tutorials are going to make you recycle, reuse, upcycle or repurpose like never before…you’ll see.  Whatever you want to call it, going green is the way to go! There’s a little something for everyone and I know you are going to find the perfect gift for your neighbor, brother,… [read more]

Green Bling – Turning Bottles into Bangles {Giveaway}


Did you know you could upcycle those plastic bottles into beautiful jewelry like this? Green Bling will give you inspiration and instruction on turning plastic bottles into bangles, baubles and so much more!  This is an awesome book for any earth-conscious crafter that wants to learn how to add a little bling while recycling at… [read more]

Trash to Treasure — Recycled Crafts


Have you ever seen a purse made with an old hardcover book? I love this idea! With the variety of handle kits available at craft stores everywhere, you can make it just your style. What a great conversation starter it would be…perfect for that next dinner party! Taking old books and turning them into something… [read more]

13 Great Ways to Organize With Recycled and Repurposed Finds


Recycling can be a beautiful thing!  You’ll love these creative ideas to organize with recycled and repurposed items.  I’m sure you have many of the supplies at home already…woot!  Great ideas that don’t cost a cent really make me happy! These soup cans were decorated with scrap paper and screwed to the wall for this… [read more]