Tons of Fabric Storage Inspiration & Tips {Get Organized}

Fabric Scrap Storage

Fabric Storage Inspiration & Organizing Tips

Fabric storage and organizing is such a challenge!  I can always use helpful tips to keep my love of fabric from taking over!

The next time you’re at a garage sale or thrift store you’ll want to grab any old cassette holders…this is a fabulous way to keep fabric scraps.  It makes such a colorful display!  You rock, Tonya!  What a great idea!Fabric Storage - Ideas

{DIY Fabric Storage – Treasures for Tots}

Fabric storage can be so hard, but you can do it!  Take a look at the process Treasures for Tots uses!  You can do this without buying expensive supplies!

Fabric Scrap Storage - Get Organized - Prudent Baby

This is a simply beautiful way to store fabric scraps and decorate at the same time. Prudent Baby share the details here.

File Your Fabic - Get Organized

This is one of the smartest ideas ever!  File away your fabric!  Karen uses hanging folders to help her keep her fabric stash under control.

Here’s a couple ideas from one of my previous fabric storage posts

Fabric Scrap Storage - suitcase

What do you think about this? I love, love, love the idea of storing fabric in vintage suitcases!

I have two of these beauties that I’ve been dying to use for sometime special. And I’m planning on printing out some of these sweet little labels from Just Something I Made. Go download some for yourself!

Organized Fabric Ideas

Cut Out and Keep has a great download to help you remember what fabric you have. Hmmm…anyone out there have this problem? I can’t wait to do this…talk about organized!

This way I’ll know exactly the colors I need when I find a sale. That’s important!

Read the rest of this fabric storage post here.

dresser full of fabric

{Cindy {k}}

Folded fabric in a beautiful pink dresser???  Oh my…just amazing!

fabric storage ideas

Those little chalkboard tags make all the difference, don’t you think?! I wish I could wake up tomorrow to this in my house!


Check out these printable fabric labels from Family Ever After.  She’s super smart!

Sewing room fabric storage inspiration

Isn’t this folded fabric out of this world amazing??? Read more here about Olabelhe’s sewing room.

A couple more posts to get your craft supplies organized…

22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room @EverythingEtsy

22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room

25 Home Organization Ideas {DIY Decor} @EverythingEtsy

25 DIY Home Organization Ideas

Which idea is your favorite?  Do you have a cool storage idea to share?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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  1. says

    I’ve just been sorting out and neatly folding my smaller pieces of fabric – into a boring old cardboard box!! Lovely ideas, lots of inspiration, thanks.

      • dawn says

        I am so happy that there are others that are as passionate about material. I have so much, and I have tried to maintain it, but there is always a new piece or two that will find a way into the house…lol.
        I have found that a small bookcase or two in the closet will work for a bit. Until that passion grows.

    • says

      Hi Crystal! Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by…I think we’re all in the same boat when it comes to trying to find new ideas to control our fabric and supplies!


  2. says

    Hi! Beautiful ideas!!! I love the Pink Suitcase, the hanging folders, the “Cut out and keep” idea and the printable fabrics labels…just for starting, and then I would like to have all the others projects (I’m dying for the Olabelhe’s sewing room!!!)!!! Thank you for sharing! DanielaC.

  3. says

    Another lovely and inspiring post. Perfect timing for me. The danger of avalanches from my fabric piles finally got to me. For the past few days I have been reorganizing my sewing room. Finding room to stack all my bolts of fabric is especially tough. I have been adding more good storage space with more book shelves and an old entertainment unit which were cast off from someone moving. Now to make it all as pretty as your pictures.

  4. says

    So many good ideas here. I hoard fabric so I really could use some good organization! Mine is stuck in a closet, wish I had the shelving in my sewing room like the one photo.

  5. says

    Some great ideas! I love the file cabinet storage one. I must do that when I move my craft room. Right now, I’ve been mini-bolting my fabrics on to the cardboard inserts for comic books. You can pick them up fairly inexpensively and make for a quick and easy way to store and sort your fabrics!

  6. says

    Love the chalkboard tags; perfect for me because I’m always changing things. I love the whole set-up; looks the easiest to maintain, the others are so beautiful but too fussy to keep neat!

  7. Donna Phillips says

    I store my larger plain pieces in 2 6-cube boxes from Ikea. My smaller (1-2 yds) in a shoe cube box from Target. My larger scraps in an over-the-door fabric shoe holder from Walmart. My larger patterned pieces are hanging over 3 pvc pipes with rope through them hung staggered so clients (and I!) can see the patterns. My smaller scraps are tossed in a drawer! Very utilitarian, easy, not nearly as creative as some of the ideas here!

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