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I’m always looking for new ways to organize and change things up a bit. Pretty organized craft supplies seriously make me happy.  So, here’s some of the newest and coolest ideas out there, and I’m sure there’s one you can make this afternoon.  Many are made with supplies you might already have at home.

frosted mason jars from happy hooligans

These frosted mason jars are an awesome way to organize…make some for yourself in minutes!  You can find out all the details from Happy Hooligans!

organize your cords_thumb[5]

Organize all those annoying cords with this simple idea from Our Thrifty Ideas.  All you need are some toilet paper rolls and some cute washi tape.  Another reason to buy tons of cool washi tape in every color…that’s my kind of organization project.



Recycle cans and use them for all those little things that you really want available and looking organized at the same time.  That can be a challenge!

These cans have heavy duty magnets hot glued to the back so they can hang on the metal cookie sheet on the wall.  Cute and inexpensive!


One Thrifty Chick shares how she keeps her fabric organized…that’s a constant problem in my life!

I’ve shared lots of fabric organization ideas here, here and here.  Maybe you’ll find just the right idea for you there.  I keep all sizes of fabric, so it can get a little tricky trying to store it.


These DIY cereal box drawer dividers are adorable!  I soooo need to do this…my kitchen has one super scary junk drawer that needs a little love.  Do you have a drawer like that??? Please say you do…lol!

25 Home Organization Ideas {DIY}

If you are looking for a few, or maybe a whole house full of organization ideas, this is for you…25 DIY Home Organization IdeasHave fun organizing your home creatively!  No need to buy more plastic containers!

Care to share a creative storage solution???  I can use as much help as I can get.  At least that’s the way I feel today!  What’s your trick for keeping clutter under control?


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  1. Laura T says

    This is soo helpful—I’m always on the lookout for new organizing ideas!!!!! Thanks—-you always have the coolest stuff! 😀

  2. says

    Thanks so much for sharing our jars! So glad to have found you! I’ve just jumped on board your facebook and pinterest trains as well. :) Looking forward to following along! (and yes, I have a junk drawer or two badly in need of some major re-organization!)

  3. Judy Derr says

    Do you sell any of what is made? We are looking for a like wooden box, to cover our breaker box, we have talked about a shutter type, if you have anything or a suggestion for us please email me or my husband @ ledderr@, the size is 16″ x 36″ the wood is Oak.

    Thank you
    Judy and Leslie Derr

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