Success on Etsy {It’s a Sure Thing}

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Being successful on Etsy is a sure thing.

Hmmpfff…you say? Don’t scoff, it’s a true statement. Would you doubt any of these statements?

  • Someone is going to move-in to the new house being built down the block.
  • My husband is going to get a speeding ticket because he always drives 20mph over the limit.
  • I put a dollar in a jar every day. I’m going to have $100.00 in my jar in a few months.

Okay, then how about these:

  • I research what products people want. I look for places where my skills meet-up with what people want. I’m going to develop a product that I can make and people want.
  • I make my products every day. I add three new products to my shop every week and relist the ones I sell. I’m going to have over 150 items in my shop in one year.
  • I look at the photography in the shops that have great sales. I take my pictures at different times of day with different backdrops and lighting. I’m learning to use software to make my pictures better. I’m going to have better pictures than my competition.
  • I think about the way buyers will feel when they open the package I send. I put a little extra work into packaging my sales to make them feel great. I’m going to get repeat business and referrals.
  • I’m always paying attention to be sure I don’t miss customer testimonials. I save them in a special place all together. I’m going to have a huge collection of testimonials soon.
  • I have a blog that talks about the things my customers are interested in. I write on my blog every week (at least). In a year, I’m going to have an information resource that my customers will enjoy.
  • facebook2I have a Facebook Page for my business. I put my blog posts on Facebook and I interact with people on Facebook. I promote my Facebook Page on my blog and in my Etsy shop. In a year, I’m going to have hundreds of Facebook fans.
  • twitterI’ve noticed that many successful online sellers have large Twitter followings. I watch how they use Twitter and I’m learning how to do be a good “Twitterer” myself. I follow new people every day, I retweet other’s tweets, and I promote my Twitter account on my blog and in my shop. I’ll have a large Twitter following in a few months.
  • I interact with and get encouragement from other Etsy sellers at I’ll learn from the experience of others and build relationships by being helpful.

It’s a Sure Thing!

These are a few of the essentials of being successful on Etsy. They may be somewhat simplified but the point is obvious. Just like the first example of building a house, if you follow the steps and repeatedly work at it every day, you will build a successful online business. No doubt about it.

So if your goal is to build your Etsy shop into a full-time business, just work smart and take heart, it’s a sure thing!

Go Etsy!

~ Kim


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    Hello Kim, Graet reminders here. You know what I want to know? With all of the places to promote it gets overwhelming and hard to keep up with. I wish you would put together the best places to get involved in. You read so many things like having a facebook,twitter,flickr,joining ning social groups,stumbleupon,digg,blogs,the list goes on. I would value and love to hear your opinions and picks on this. Just an idea.

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    Great tips for the new year. I am making new things everyday, but generally wait till I get a bunch to post. Smart thinking in adding a bit as it goes along.
    I’ve also been thinking of making a fan page on fb. In a little clueless though. I only use fb for personal stuff right now. Any tips folks?

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    You listed many of the goals that I have set for myself this year! I need to Twitter, but with a full-time job, etc. I just don’t have the time. Anyone willing to tweet for me, lol? I love what you said about packaging, I want my customer to feel like its Christmas when their package arrives. I’ll admit, that even when I purchase supplies I’m disappointed when there isn’t a little extra something in the package, in fact I usually become a return customer to those who do add a little extra effort.
    .-= Alyssabeths´s last blog ..French Market Antiqued Elegance Roses Gift Tags =-.

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    I love the philosophy behind the ideas in this inspiring post – that it’s a matter of taking small actions towards a bigger goal. I think if you do this then yes you’ll get what you want.

    Your first example — finding the sweet spot between creating what comes naturally to you and what people want to buy — is so important!
    .-= Lisa @MindfulBIZ´s last blog ..How To Achieve Your Goals =-.

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    I agree with what you said about packaging. I want my packaging to reflect the feel of my collages, to enhance them in some way. I had ordered some supplies from a merchant online and when they came her tissue, box , label and ribbon all reflected the idea of her shop. It was perfect and also inspired me to package well. Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the tips on how to organize time. I’m a mompreneur and juggling two things I really love and need all of the organizational skills and suggestions I can find. I know I’ll find my groove soon!

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    I like this article, I have to add that to be successful you have to do all of the above and this takes time. I think everyone wants to have that instant success but we need to set long term goals for ourselves and keep in mind the big picture. Thanks for the advice, kathy

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    Thank you for such great advice!! I first opened my Etsy shopped in April and I have made six sales . . . grrr!! But it is with this type of {simple} encouragement that keeps me going. I love reading new tips & tricks =)

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    This is so inspiring! I really appreciate someone who can be positive. Excellent blog!!

    My husband always says to me “more sales are going to come” and it’s always true. It is so important to stay positive.

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    Thanks for this. You really do have to work at it, as Etsy is so huge now. Twitter I just don’t get, but I put my efforts into Facebook and getting response from people on Pages to my new priodcuts. This way I hope to target the niche I’m in.


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