Fabric Storage Inspiration — Part One


What do you think about this? I love, love, love the idea of storing fabric in vintage suitcases!

I have two of these beauties that I’ve been dying to use for sometime special. And I’m planning on printing out some of these sweet little labels from Just Something I Made. Go download some for yourself!

brochure 300x225

Cut Out and Keep has a great download to help you remember what fabric you have. Hmmm…anyone out there have this problem? I can’t wait to do this…talk about organized! Woo hoo!

This way I’ll know exactly the colors I need when I find a sale. That’s important!


Here are some beautiful canvas storage bins at Holly’s Street. I use baskets for storage, but this looks so much better. Don’t you love how pretty the colors look popping out of the top? I could have some fun with this little collection of fabric!

ScreenHunter 01 Dec. 27 22

The Sometimes Crafter will show you how to make these cute fabric scrap baskets. I hate to throw away pieces I might be able to use later. They’re a great way to store you fabric scraps and they look fun to make.

What a great gift for the your crafty friend that has everything!


Whenever I see fabric in a basket like this I just start thinking of all the possibilities.  I’m a major basket fan.  And a basket case…Ha!


Film and Thread had this beautiful photo of hanging fabric. How neat and organized. I don’t usually buy that much of each fabric, but this seems like a great idea to save on ironing later. Anything that helps with ironing is a winner in my book!

tn Stash3

Retro Mama has it made! I love just looking at beautiful fabric stacked like this! I must admit that I’ve tried to do this, but I’m not capable of folding fabrics and keeping them all the same size. I know, it’s sad. So for now I’ll just have to enjoy photos of fabric displayed so nice and neat.

So many of you said fabric storage was one of your biggest organizational challenges. It’s definitely one of mine! One post isn’t enough for this subject, so there’s more to come!

Right now I have my extra fabric in a box in the closet. I dig through it when I want to find something. Don’t judge…I’m working on it! :)

Do you display your fabric, or hide it like me?


If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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  1. says

    I tried to post a comment & my computer froze, so if this double posts then feel free to smack my hands with a ruler. 😉

    This is my fabric:

    I really struggled with organization until I read this blogpost:

    I thought “I can do that!” and did. It was monotonous, but the end result is easy on the eye, yet I can still see everything {which is important because I’m very out of sight, out of mind}.

  2. Sarah says

    I love the links to other people’s organization techniques and such. I am in desperate need of help. Especially since space is at a premium in our little rental. I need to organize the fabrics. They are kind of just folded and tossed into this closet/shelf thingy. I have a TON of baskets, so I think I will have to go that route and at least organize the colors. I need to use up what I have (lots of vintage stuff from my grandma), so I can actually have an excuse to get more (ah what an illness this is).

  3. says

    I live in a 34′ travel trailer. When we bought the first trailer 9 years ago, I got a wicker trunk to use as a coffee table in the living area. I store my fabric in that. I am limited on how much fabric I can have at one time, so I am always looking for storage options that can help me expand my little bit of space.

    All of my sewing equipment has to fit under the bed when we are traveling from one place to another, too. That includes a folding table, sewing machine, folding chair, small ironing board, cutting boards and rulers. Right now, I have fabric stored in the linen closet. Who needs towels anyway???

  4. says

    How fun to see these great ideas! I have had my fabric hidden… used to have to store it in the basement, now most of it is in the garage. I use the big, flat Sterlite clear tubs. I can put 2 side by side, 2 deep, on each shelf of a plastic storage shelf. I printed out giant, colorful labels on regular computer paper, and stuck it inside the boxes, facing out (they are clear). I have kept my fabric stored mostly by type: quilting, fleece, home decor, projects in process, quilt in process, batting, notions, etc. This has been very practical… not really very pretty, though. Blessings!

  5. says

    I have been using a 4 drawer plastic organizer for all of my fabrics… That is until today! I absolutely love the idea of hanging the fabric on hangers! No more crawling around on the floor while searching through a drawer of fabric! How inspirational it would be to look at all the colors and patterns at one time!

    Thank you so much for this great idea!

  6. says

    my problem is tulle is pesky and has a mind of it’s own and i often find it stuck all over me and in all parts of the apartment. i’ve even seen it on our welcome mat.


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