Crochet Heart Video {Free Crochet Pattern}

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Make a Crochet Heart   Crochet hearts are one of the cutest crochet projects you’ll ever make…and they take just a couple minutes!  You know you want to make some right now.  Let’s do it! This crochet heart video will walk you through the steps of my free crochet heart pattern that I shared last… [read more]

7 Holiday Selling Tips {Etsy Business Video}


7 Holiday Selling Tips Have Your Best Holiday Selling Season Ever! Here are 7 simple tips you can implement right away to kick your holiday sales into high gear! In just three minutes this video covers quite a few great ideas: Stocking up! Bundling Price Ranges Fast Shipping Easier Shipping! Gift Wrapping Advertising Grab a… [read more]

5 Circles of Relationship Marketing {Etsy Business Video}

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Sign Up For The Free Video Series Here Your Etsy Shop Marketing We recently asked Etsy sellers who subscribe to to name the one thing that was standing between them and the success they deeply want to achieve in their business. Overwhelmingly, the answer was summed up in a single word… “marketing”. And it’s… [read more]

Brand Building with Customized Shipping Labels {Tutorial & Video}

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About a year ago, we started printing our logo and Etsy shop name directly on our shipping labels. It was a small effort that we feel resulted in huge strides for the professional image and branding of our business. In this post, we’ve laid out the steps you can follow to personalize your own shipping… [read more]

Running Stitch {How-To Video}

I did this video awhile back for the wonderful customers who buy felt and felt project patterns from me either at my Etsy Shop, or at The video has been viewed almost 10,000 times on YouTube, so I guess it was worth the effort and I hope it helps inspire you to make something… [read more]

Etsy Shop SEO {Video Tutorial}

Well my goodness!  It’s a week of new things here at Everything Etsy!  First the Everything Etsy Directory which has had close to 400 Etsy Shops submitted in four days! Now our first in-depth video tutorial. I have to admit, it was fun to make!  It was kind of like Tim and I playing “radio… [read more]