Getting Things Done {Etsy Business}


How do you stay organized? How do you keep from forgetting to pick up something you’ll need tomorrow while your out running errands?  I know some of you are naturally organized…what an awesome trait. Let me just say that organization does not come easily for me! A few years ago my husband bought this book…… [read more]

A Scrapbooking Storage Closet


Do you have limited space and scrapbooking supplies taking over your house? Maybe you could turn a spare closet into something like this one. Having everything so neat and organized will make scrapbooking even more fun. Here are a few of my favorite features, and they’re all so easy to do on your own. Using… [read more]

Craft Cabinet


Isn’t this a pretty? Keep your craft and scrapbooking supplies in a beautiful craft cabinet. Everyone needs one of these…or maybe two! Keeping everything you need all in one spot make crafting so much more fun.  You gotta be ready for when the creative mood strikes, ya know? Organization can also keep you from buying… [read more]

Be Still My Crafting Heart! – Craft Studio Love


Looking for a beautifully creative work space? Here it is… The colors, fabrics, and those awesome letters on the wall make this craft studio stunning!  It’s all so organized, but in a relaxed way. Take a look at the whole room… The large table in the center is great for standing or sitting while working.  That’s brilliant!… [read more]

Simple Scrapbooking Storage Ideas


Storing all your scrapbooking supplies can be a challenge. Here’s a few simple ideas to help you store your scrapbooking goodies in some pretty handy ways! Don’t you love this ribbon on the roll? Just hang a small rod and add you ribbon! You can even sort by color or pattern…whatever makes you happy. Store colorful pieces of ribbons… [read more]

Scrapbook Supplies – 10 Simple Storage Solutions


Sometimes, looking for supplies can cause me to lose my creative thinking before I even get started. Here’s a list of very easy solutions…maybe one will be just what you need to get your supplies beautifully organized. 1. Organizing markers, pencils, and other small supplies while still keeping them in reach. Try a vintage drink… [read more]

Fabric Storage Inspiration – Part Two


There must be a billion creative ways to organize fabric, so we had to have more than one post about it! Whether you make hair accessories, home decor, or clothing, we all need to have great fabric storage. There’s nothing like digging through a box of wrinkled fabric to lose your motivation for starting a… [read more]