Creative Craft Supply Storage


It’s that time of year again! You know, when you start to think all of your craft supplies could use a little organization. It seems like all the hustle and bustle of summer fun can leave ribbon bunched together, scrapbook paper on the table, and scissors on the other side of the house. Well, here… [read more]

10 Inspiration Boards…Oh My!


Are you ready to be inspired? Inspiration boards can do wonders for you creativity and they look oh so beautiful!  There’s something about seeing little bits of fabric, your photos and any other inspiring scraps all in one spot.  It like a celebration of the things you love! I know this inspiration board caught my… [read more]

Creative Organization For Your Craft Supplies


A Little Organization Inspiration I’m always searching for great ways to organize my craft supplies.  I could have a tad too much for my space so I need to keep it organized!  {Well, maybe I shouldn’t say I have too much…I don’t really think I can ever have too many supplies!} I thought I’d share… [read more]

Le Papier Studio


Vana Chupp’s studio has such a clean and modern feel!  She’s the creator of the lovely Le Papier Studio full of treasured silhouettes on everything you can imagine.  Vana moved from her home studio into her new space in 2010 and is enjoying the change. Don’t you love looking at dreamy studios like this? I… [read more]

Scrapbook Space – Help Me Ronda


Ronda from Help Me Ronda has a fabulous scrapbook room!  Well, I guess she does lots of crafty thing in this great space, and I wish I had time to go through about 124 cool projects that I saw on her blog right now…but I don’t. I’ll give you a peek into her cool space… [read more]

A Scrapbooking Storage Closet


Do you have limited space and scrapbooking supplies taking over your house? Maybe you could turn a spare closet into something like this one. Having everything so neat and organized will make scrapbooking even more fun. Here are a few of my favorite features, and they’re all so easy to do on your own. Using… [read more]

Craft Cabinet


Isn’t this a pretty? Keep your craft and scrapbooking supplies in a beautiful craft cabinet. Everyone needs one of these…or maybe two! Keeping everything you need all in one spot make crafting so much more fun.  You gotta be ready for when the creative mood strikes, ya know? Organization can also keep you from buying… [read more]