DIY Organization Ideas

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DIY Organization Ideas

Can you ever have too many ideas to help organize? I think not!  My craft supplies get out of control on a regular basis…creativity and organization don’t always go together easily for me.

I’ve gone through phases of plastic containers, wicker baskets and more.  Now I look for ways to use up scrap fabric, cardboard, or other ways to mix a little creativity in my supply storage.

Here are some of the latest ideas I’ve found… bucket tutorial

{Film in the Fridge – Round Bottom Fabric Bucket Tutorial}

Aren’t these the cutest little fabric buckets ever???  I love them!  They’re easy to make and you can match any room in your house.

marthastewart_knitting_basket (1)

{Felted Knitting Basket – Martha Stewart}

This knitting basket makes me want to cuddle up by the fire and create something pretty.  It’s beautiful!  Leave it out all the time so it’s right there when creativity strikes.


{Sew Fabric Boxes – Design Sponge}

I love, love, love these!  I need to make a few, or maybe a dozen…ha!


{Cardboard Box to Basket Look – Design Fanatic}

These are cardboard boxes…can you believe it???  Very cool!

DIY magazine file title

{Magazine Holders – Positively Splendid}

This has to be the prettiest idea I’ve ever seen for organizing magazines!  You know how hard it can be to save those magazines you love without having an ugly stack of them here and there.  Here’s the solution!


{DIY Storage Ottoman – Papernstitch}

What a beautiful way to organize!  Pick your favorite fabric and create one in no time at all!


This post has 25 DIY Organization Ideas so you can find the perfect solution for your home!

There’s always a little time to organize a shelf or small corner of the room…start with cool diy containers and you’re sure to stay motivated!

What’s your favorite idea?


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  1. Crystal says

    Great storage ideas. I agree that you can never have too many storage ideas. I’m constantly rearranging to whatever works.

  2. says

    Crystal – It is a process isn’t it? Some things work for awhile but then you have to change it up a bit to keep working with your current needs. I always love fresh storage containers!


  3. says

    I have a problem with keeping every little scrap of fabric or tidbit, and I need a place to put them. Not only are these ideas awesome, they’ll help keep me organized AND get rid of a lot of my fabric scraps. Plus! I can get crafty! The Sew Fabric Boxes are my first to-do. Thanks for the ideas!

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