What’s Your Favorite Social Media Site??

Social Media is a valuable tool for your Etsy shop or blog! 

Growing your friends through social media sites helps you reach out, meet new people, and promote your wonderful work!  And it’s FREE…ya gotta love that!

I didn’t start off loving social media {at all}, but over the years I’ve really learned to love it!  It’s awesome to be able to share a new item or blog post with thousands of crafty people with the click of a button on my trusty little computer.

In the beginning I looked at it like it was  just another thing I had to do, but I’ve learned ways to keep it simple and not let it use up hours of my day…no one wants that!  I schedule tweets, comment of Facebook, share on Google+, and use Pinterest for fun.  {I seriously love Pinterest!}

Being consistent in growing your friends and sharing good stuff along the way will pay off!

I’d love to know how you share your new shop items or blog posts!

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Here are a few posts about using social media that you might enjoy…

Care to tell me more about your favorite social media sites in the comments???  I would love to know what works best for you and any tips you might like to share. :)


P.S. You can always find me here:  FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest!


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    I’ve been off internet almost completely for 6 months this year but came back a month or so.

    Pinterest is great (love the inspiration).

    Twitter has always been a love of mine, easy and hassle free and I use twitterfeed to link my blog posts to twitter.

    Facebook I haven’t used since my break up with internet, but will probably go back to an acquaintance kind of relationship in due time. Never really been a fan.

    The place I mostly hang at is deviantart.com since the people are lovely and I can put my art and poetry etc. there and get feedback.

    Recently I also found polyvore which is also great for inspiration and to use as an outlet for creativity with clothes.

    In a way, I’m at a place because I like it there and because I can both give and get – if not I’m rarely there or never there. I say, go with the social media you like and it won’t feel like a burden and more fun.

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    Just opened a twitter account to help launch my new etsy site.
    Working through reading all your helpful advice so that I can be successful!
    Thanks for all your posts!

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    I think its more important to use social media to build business relationships without hammering people to buy-buy-buy. Both Facebook and twitter have brought in about equal dollar amounts and the same number of opportunities. The problem with Facebook is that you have to pay for all of your fans to see your posts. I made an effort to make sure EverythingEtsy stayed in my newsfeed when I noticed that I hadn’t seen you in awhile.

    LinkedIn is however beginning to intrigue me because there’s much more to my business than selling a few items in my Etsy shop and the opportunities to connect there are very upscale and high profile. I also feel very motivated to create higher quality content overall as my network grows there.

    G+ still seems void of opportunity but I am still regularly post my content there. My network is mostly people I talk to on other networks or people with spammy tendencies who don’t last long in my circles. I am neither here nor there on Pinterest. I’ve had the account since the site first went live and was so difficult to use then, that I lost interest in trying. I do have a network there but have yet to pin anything although people have pinned my content harvested from the web. I am not sure how to use it to work to my business advantage but am investigating that now.

    I think in the long run, twitter and LinkedIn will be my best performing social media accounts.

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    Ok, I am definitely seeing a trend toward Facebook – but I have not had any success this way, that I have noticed. So I would LOVE to hear from some of the voters how they are using Facebook successfully!

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    It’s great to see what works for everyone and why you like it. :)

    I’ve always enjoyed Twitter and I think being able to schedule out tweets on hootsuite makes it so much easier for me. I do get a good response from Twitter and I’ve met some really nice crafty people that I enjoy talking to and sharing what they’re working on with my followers.

    Facebook is a bit harder for me but the response seems to be better sometimes. I’ve found that if I post to facebook 2-3 times a day it makes a big difference…try it.

    Pinterest is something I do for fun and many people pin post images from Everything Etsy {which I love} and new people find us…it’s very cool.

    Google+ is something that I’m getting used to slowly. I don’t post there as much yet…mainly because it’s not part of my routine to check it and comment. I’m slow to warm up to stuff like this so I think I just need a little more time to realize all of the potential there.

    I spend a few minutes 3-4 times a day working on social media.

    I started by only using Twitter and then added one other social media site once I felt confident that I knew how to use it to work for me…not just to kill time.

    It’s a slow growth kind of thing, but I am so glad I did it!!!!!


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    I completely agree with Laura, if you just share with your fan your products and you didn’t try to start a conversation with them, they’re not going to listen to you.
    Social Media is not just open an account.

    Right now Facebook still remain my favorite Social network because of the huge amount of people that are registered.
    Unfortunately, some month ago, Facebook started to convince every business to buy advertising to appears on the feeds of every fan.
    For the same results, I suggest you to try to increase your Edge Rank, here some advice directly from Facebook: http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/creative/Page-Publishing-Best-Practices-FS-2.pdf


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