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In our last Craft Show Tips post there were some fabulous ideas in the comments that I just have to share!

These are just a few from the many great ideas…

  • I was happy we worked on our display ahead of time.We took a photo so we would remember how to set it up. {Jane from Maiden Jane}
  • Be nice to the kids…everyone is a potential customer, and if you show a child a meaningful artistic experience, they’ll run back to drag their parents back to your display.  {Nicole Seaton}
  • What defines you as an artist is YOU. Not your sales. I have had amazingly profitable shows, and crazily horrible shows. The work is the work. These externals might distract you from your Vision. Stay mindful of that. {Marti from Happy Art}
  • Never forget that you can find interesting and really cool ways to display your crafts at thrift stores. It takes a bit of an eye, but with some practice there are lots of inexpensive items that may just need a coat of paint to make a really neat display. {Lisa from Simple Girl Sews}

I could go on an on with all the wonderful comments but I thought I would share a few beautiful display ideas I found.  The details of your display can really make a difference!


Check out the tutorial on how to make these fun mini chalkboards on Little Bit Funky.  In 20 minutes you’ll have some great little signs to add to your craft show display!


Got Jewelry??  Create a few of these shabby chic earring displays from Kevin and Amanda.


You can’t beat a thrift store find like these old drawers!  Ponder & Stitch made them look like a million bucks in a few simple steps.  Creative displays catch my attention every time!

If you are planning for an upcoming craft show you’ll want to check out these 12 Craft Show Tips and make sure to read through the comments…they are awesome!

The weather has been perfect for craft shows around here.  I hope you are all sharing in a bit of that!

Care to share a few more of your craft show tips and display ideas? Please leave them in the comments…we’re listening!



  1. says

    I went to a Habitat for Humanity Restore and bought banister end posts of varying heights, but them on turtables from the harware store so they spin and added hooks to hang jewery. It holds a tonne of product, it’s easy to use and uses vertical space for extra interest!

  2. says

    I am ALWAYS amazed by the creativity of people! Seriously, the chalkboard things are adorable. I wonder if they fall over? Ones I’d make probably would! lol

  3. Dj Doss says

    Love the chalkboard signs! I used to make fridge magnets as my “bread and butter” items. For display I went to the thrift store and bought several old, round tins in several heights and diameters and I also bought a lazy susan. I painted all of them a creamy winter white and applied reusible sticky glue (Aleenes Tack it Over and Over) on the bottoms. I stacked several tins on each lazy susan and I was able to attach my magnets to them. Great height differentials and the different sizes added some interest. The lazy susan made it user-friendly. I also categorized the magnets so each tin represented a different theme.

  4. Dj Doss says

    Forgot the best part…after the show, because the sticky glue was reusable, I could take all the tins apart and nest them for storage until the next show. =)

  5. Katlyn says

    If you take foam blocks…… ugh I can’t think of what they are called!!!! Anyways if you get three of them, you can glue them to make a stair like figure. P.S. I am going to my first craft fair in like a month!!!

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