Green Gift Monday

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This Monday is Cyber Monday and The Nature Conservancy is hoping you will gift responsibly this year by going green!

I know many of you already make your gifts…you rock!  Head on over to The Nature Conservancy to find out more information on this great project. 

We are helping to promote Green Gift Giving with our guide to…


101 Green Handmade Gift Tutorials!

We would like to encourage you to try an idea or two from this list of green gifts to give this holiday season. Handmade gifts always rule, but green handmade gifts are even better!!!

I’d love to hear about your handmade gifts! What are you making this year?


You might like some of this ideas…


  1. says

    My sisters said not to buy them gifts this year….soo I bought myself some fun apron panel fabric from Spoonflower.
    Can’t wait to make them, but I already have aprons of my own….guess I’ll have to give them to my sisters. 😉

  2. says

    Just letting you know that I selected your blog as “Blog of the Day” on my site blogsphere for today (Nov 28). I hand-select blogs to feature. Blogs are all over the map on topics, viewpoints and interests because that is what makes the blogsphere so interesting. I recently discovered your site and am delighted to add it to my list. I am also personally into living green and green gift giving, so I admit to skewing my selections to my personal biases. :-)

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