A Scrapbooking Storage Closet

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Do you have limited space and scrapbooking supplies taking over your house?

Maybe you could turn a spare closet into something like this one. Having everything so neat and organized will make scrapbooking even more fun. Here are a few of my favorite features, and they’re all so easy to do on your own.

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Using pegboard can really make the most out a space that’s usually forgotten. Adjustable shelves make things so much easier when you want to change it around a bit later on.

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Put every inch of the closet to good use with cork trivets from a kitchen and bath store. They make a fun llittle bulletin board that’s perfect for inspiring ideas. Trivets are thick and can easily be mounted with foam tape.

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Hanging folders are a great use of space. Organizing paper by season or color can make it easy to see what you have before you run off to the store to buy more. Hey, this is a money saving idea here! Now you can explain to your husband how this closet will save money and he should help you do it this weekend! :-)

Have fun!


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  1. says

    I have NO time for blogs today (this week, actually! It is VBS week and I am volunteer coordinator!!!)… but I had to stop in and check this out! Love it! So many great ideas for bigger spaces too! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Blessings!

    Terri’s last blog post..Lazy days of summer?

  2. says

    I LOVE this! I will lose my scrapbook/craft room whenever we have a baby so I have plans to turn a closet in the house into storage. This is great!

  3. danielle says

    This is amazing! Thanks for the idea. It looks so cute too. The closet is the best idea besides space it works best so my girls don’t get into my stuff :-)

  4. Theanne says

    WOW!! Where do you buy most of the stuff to do this? Those hanging file folders are the best! Where can I find them and how much do the cost?

  5. Amy says

    First things first, Love it. Where did you find the shelves/baskets for the peg board? Just closed in patio to create my craft room and am buying the peg board this week. Thanks.


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