Are You A Basket Case? {Basket Storage}


Are you a basket person?

I’m a basket case person! I love them in all shapes, colors, and sizes. I use them for everything, and just when I think I have all the baskets I need…I find one on sale!

I thought I would share with you some storage inspiration using baskets.

The photo above is a basket loaded up with beautiful fabric. I do this, but I can’t say my fabric storage baskets are as neat.

I do think using baskets helps with the small scraps of fabric that I use. I can find them easier and move the whole stash to whatever room I’m working in. I love how baskets are portable!! I even take a basket or two with me on road trips.

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They look great on lined up on a shelf…that’s a good reason to use them right there. I love the little tags!

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I love the idea of making your own hanging baskets! You can easily do this with a little twine and some time…ha!

This one is shown in a bathroom, but it would work great in a craft room. I can use all the space saving ideas I can get!

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You can add just a couple to your work area if you don’t want to go all crazy like me. I need to add a little ribbon to the handles of mine like they did here. Isn’t that a nice touch? Simple and pretty…love it!


If you love fabric baskets and you’re good with the sewing machine, check out Pink Penguin’s basket tutorial! It’s a great way to use up all those fabric scraps and keep things tidy at the same time!

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Here’s another idea for my talented friends. This is a basket made from scrap yarn and craft supplies! Doesn’t it look great? You can download a pattern at Craft Leftovers…love that blog!

Whether you like vintage wire baskets, recycled paper, fabric, or wicker baskets, they’re a beautiful way to store not-so-beautiful things! You can’t have too many, right? I might be pushing the limit though…he he!

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