An Inspiring Closet Work Space

Working in a closet might not be all bad if it looks like this!


What an inspiring example of how to get creative and make a small space useful and way fun!

This is one of those pictures I could stare at for awhile and still find new details. Here are a few of the things I noticed that really make this craft closet special:

  • Pegboard on the back of the door is a brilliant storage idea because it takes-up zero useful space when not in-use, yet is perfectly accessible and pretty when needed!
  • Opposite the pegboard, is a nice big door panel for posting calendars, notes, and little tid-bits of inspiring paraphernalia.
  • That wallpaper in the back is beautiful! I wouldn’t otherwise like such a large pattern, but the way it is broken up with the desk and shelves just makes it perfect!
  • I’m totally down with the make-your-own-desk-from-a-pair-of-file-cabinets plan.
  • Having the whole space a color all it’s own makes it look like a completely different room. And the color is very pretty! I think we have that shade here on the blog!

And when you’re done being creative and productive, just close the doors and turn your attention to the next part of the day. I’m sure I would have a little skip in my step from just being in such a great little space!

What about you? What kind of little things do you look for in an inspiring work area?



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  1. says

    Wow, not bad at all… My family would appreciate this so much! Right now my work space is scattered through out the house !
    Fiber tumbler in the yard, carder in the living room, bags of fibers in the bedroom, bags of rovings in the downstairs play room, and felting equipement in the unfinished basement!!!

  2. says

    I have saved this pic from the magazine and have been dreaming and dreaming of that beautiful, inspiring space. I am in the middle of re-doing my very small studio and using this closet office as inspiration… have just finished painting the inside of an antique wardrobe (my only closet in the room) Robin’s Egg Blue. I put an old drop-leaf desk in it and my new little office is almost ready for me to write. I am dreaming of the pegboard and wallpaper too, but the wardrobe is doorless and kinda small for wallpaper. I have hung a shower curtain on a curtain rod to close my little space off from the rest of the studio. I love to be inspired! There is almost always a way to have most of what you want if you just use your imagination and get creating! Loving your blog and thanks for the follow on Twitter!


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