13 Great Ways to Organize With Recycled and Repurposed Finds

Recycling can be a beautiful thing!  You’ll love these creative ideas to organize with recycled and repurposed items.  I’m sure you have many of the supplies at home already…woot!  Great ideas that don’t cost a cent really make me happy!

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These soup cans were decorated with scrap paper and screwed to the wall for this great look! And you don’t even need to take up space on your desk or table.

Little Storage

Little Buttercup’s Studio repurposed an old tool drawer for her sewing supplies. I had one when I was in high school to hold my beads…lots of beads. I love the way this looks, don’t you?


There are so many great uses for jars, and this is one of my favorites! Just screw the jar lid to the bottom of a shelf for this fabulous storage solution!


Nest Full of Eggs has a ton of creative ideas for recycling jars! These are beautiful!

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Finding new uses for vintage items is a great way to organize your supplies while decorating with style. Did you see the post last week about vintage organizing?

Recycling and repurposing are two ways to save some green and be green at the same time. Ya gotta love that!

More storage container ideas:

  1. Jars, baby food jars, jelly jars, any kind of jars!
  2. Shoe boxes
  3. Egg cartons
  4. Plastic food containers {decorate them with paper or fabric}
  5. Coffee or soup cans
  6. Paper towel holders {wrap ribbon around them}
  7. Plastic bags {I even have some with zippers}
  8. Baby wipe containers
  9. Old tins and baskets
  10. film containers, perscription bottles {embellishments}
  11. old tackle boxes
  12. plastic ice cube trays
  13. Vintage finds

I know there have to be a million more ideas out there, so please share your ideas and links in the comments!


other photos: bhg.com, goodhousekeeping.com

If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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  1. says

    Votive candle jars- wonderful for buttons,sewing aids, etc. Big plastic pretzel ‘jars’…great for ribbon or fabric scraps. The containers from powdered drinks like Crystal Lite-pencils,scissors,etc. Cigar boxes for…well,anything!
    I rarely buy anything new for storage.

  2. says

    I collect pottery, and use the pottery to hold pens, scissors, rulers, etc. in my sewing area. I use a larger pottery pitcher to hold my kitchen utensils. It makes having the collection have a purpose.

  3. Samuel Shwuey says

    Im going 2 arrange a costume deaprtment soon.
    There r full of costumes, raw material, accessories, etc.
    Any good ideas?

  4. Shelley says

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of the jars screwed in and hanging from shelves before.. That would totally free up so much space! And I have plenty of jars because I have a five month old that eats jarred food. Can’t wait to see how my shelf turns out!

    Replacement Windows


  1. […] 22. “When you have so many (I have well over 100 at a time) those racks don’t cut it. I use boxes that are like double size shoe boxes that are clear. They stack easily and there just about perfect depth so no wasted space.” – LuAnn M. 23. “I have all of mine in a drawer. I took those stickers and put them on the lid, painted the sticker that color, then wrote the name on them.” – April M. 24. “Mom painted so much and had so many that she had racks built for the wall. Her friend jig sawed circles out and made shelving about 2 ft high and she stores them upside down because it eliminates the air at the lid which causes paint to harden in the cap and hole. Hang them in reach of the painter. She also saved milk and pop caps for diluting and mixing paint colors. Perfect size and disposable!” – Sandi C. 25. “I have mine in stacked wine crates all bought from goodwill. The crates are stacked on top of a desktop and sit against the wall for stability. It’s cuter than it sounds.” – Laura L. image: Everything Etsy […]

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