What Should I Do With This Cake?

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I stopped by a brand new quilt shop near my house yesterday, and look what I found…a Moda Layer Cake. Did I need it? No. Do I have special plans for it? No. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I just fell in love with the colors and had to have it!

The thought of a quilt sounds so cozy and nice, but I don’t have a clue on how to start. I’ve managed to make a few rag quilts in years past, but even that was a challenge for me.

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This baby quilt has a look similar to what I’m thinking. Film on the Fridge is a beautiful quilting blog with so much information.


Cicada Dreams made this easy tie quilt.   Have you seen any other tie quilt photos? It seems like the easiest quilt I could make, but I do want it to last forever if I put all this work into it.

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Crazy Mom Quilts is awesome! Her blog makes me want to get started today.

I know I can sew the squares together, but then it gets scary to me.  Are there any experienced quilters out there that would like to share a great website or book for a beginner like me?

What would you do with this fabric?


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    I love that fabric and I think it’s great that you want to quilt. I have one of my great-great-aunt’s quilts and I would not trade it for anything. It’s beautiful fabric – can’t wait to see what the results are!

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    Hi Kim, I am just beginning to quilt too. Sitting and doing all that hand quilting has always been the intimidating part for me. Did you know there are people who will do the quilting for you for a reasonable price? Here is the link to one that I found through a blogging friend. http://www.thebackporchquilters.com/ When I get my quilt tops done, I’m sending them out to be quilted by the pro’s:>) By the way, I love the layer cake you got, do you have a name of the collection it comes from?

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    I wouldn’t have been able to resist that yummy fabric, either! I have made a few quilts & have had better luck with tying them. My grama’s were always tied with yarn or embroidery thread and they lasted. But my mom, who is a prolific quilter, does send her finished quilts off to have them quilted by someone with a longarm machine. You would want to get recommendations so you know you are using someone who is reasonably priced and who does a good job. I love to sew…. never do anymore. Blessings!!!

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    I never knew you could have someone finish a quilt for you…that’s something to remember when I’m ready finish it. {or hit the sewing machine with a bat}

    The collection is “Swanky.” I do love the colors!!!

    Thanks for your help!

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    Ack! Pretties! A quilt! No, a bag! No, a fabric covered lantern (from Moda’s Bake shop). A wreath! Oh too many possibilites. How will you decide??

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    Gorgeous fabric! Quilting is one of the few crafts I haven’t tackled but would love to. Check out VABeachquilter on etsy. She does gorgeous work and is very knowledgeable.

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    I love bright colorful quilts, but since I don’t own a sewing machine (and don’t really know how to use one) it would take me forever to make one by hand!

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    Those quilts are so beautiful! I’d love to make one but they are too much of a commitment for me! I’ve made a purse and that’s probably the most I can sew. It is kind of like knitting. When I started all I made were scarves. My family got sick of all the scarves they got for gifts so I finally moved on to hats, but am too scared to do socks. Once you knit one sock you have to do a 2nd one!
    But yes a quilt would be a great project and then you can enjoy all your pieces of fabric!

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    I love the fabric you picked up!
    I totally understand your quilting fear too. The first quilt I did was all squares and I tied it. Let me tell you though, it took a long time to tie knots in all those treads (I used embroidery thread)!
    I’m about halfway done with my second quilt top. This one I plan to machine quilt. Oh Fransson! (http://www.ohfransson.com) has some great info in her quilt-along series. I’m going to try stiching in the ditch before I do free-motion though. I’ve also found books from my library to be a great resource.
    Good luck! Have fun with it.

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    Hello, I was just reading your comment about wanting to make a tie quilt but worrying about whether it would last or not. If you use good batting, it will last for years and years. I had one which was at least 60 years old. Unfortunately, my then mother-in-law wanting to help me while I was in the hospital having a baby, put the quilt in the washing machine. The agitator tore it to shreds.
    Always wash your quilts of value either in the bathtub gently squeezing the water out or in a front loading washer on gentle cycle. Hope this helps. I’m sure that quilt would still be here. My Aunt has tied quilts well over 100 years old.


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