Mini Knits – Amigurumi Knits and More


This book makes me want to learn how to knit! I need a blue starfish like the one on the cover, and who doesn’t want a funky hermit crab hanging around?

Amigurumi Knits would be a great book to take to the beach this summer!  And I’m sure there are some teen girls out there that would like to try a couple of these.  Very fun stuff!

There are some free patterns available online and I found a few cute ones!

You can learn to knit your own piece of cake at bad metaphor.

Knit an orange at Knitty.

ScreenHunter 01 May. 14 09

Pezdiva will show you how to make these beautiful strawberries. Wow!

Aren’t they fantastic? She can make a whole summer harvest.

ScreenHunter 02 May. 14 09

Can you knit?

For now, I’ll just have to enjoy the photos!



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