Lime Essential Oil DIY Ideas


Lime essential oil is amazing!  It smells wonderful in a diffuser by itself or blended with other oils.  It has such a fresh scent, and you’re sure to get lots of compliments on the way your home always smells so nice.  It’s up to you whether you share your secret potion or not…ha! There are… [read more]

7 DIY Lavender Tutorials


DIY Lavender gifts are the perfect way to create something pretty while making your whole house smell amazing! Lavender has always been a favorite of mine!  I had a shop full of  lavender goodness for years, and I still enjoy giving gifts created with this beautiful scent.  There’s something about lavender that makes me think… [read more]

10 Great DIY Soap Tutorials–The Perfect Handmade Gift!


Handmade Soap is an awesome DIY project! I’ve made so many different soaps over the years and it’s always a super rewarding project.  Most soap recipes are rather simple which makes it easy for you to add a little of this and that to a basic recipe creating your own special soaps. If you’re looking… [read more]

Creamy Orange Soap Bar & Bath Salt {DIY Gift}–Lather and Lotions


Creamy Orange Soap Bar & Bath Salt by Lather and Lotions In this handmade soap tutorial we feature a soap that uses natural colorants {derived from plant sources}, organic melt and pour soap base and essential oils {no artificial fragrance}. This beautiful soap makes a rich, creamy lather that is scented with a creamy orange… [read more]

DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent


Do you get tired of spending a fortune buying laundry detergent and never really knowing what’s in it?  Homemade laundry detergent will change your world!  It smells amazing, costs pennies a load, and it’s super easy to make…I love it! It even looks pretty in a nice glass jar!  Washing clothes never looked so good!… [read more]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Sunbasilgarden {Giveaway}


Care for a treat?? Today we’re talking about one of my favorite Etsy shops…Sunbasilgarden! Lauren makes soap look so good, you might think you can eat them! Etsy is one of the best places to meet creative folks like Lauren. She’s like a “soapologist” or something! Some of her soaps are fun foods and others… [read more]