Etsy as a Household Name – Why you want to sell on Etsy


Why Etsy has a great chance of being as widely known as eBay or and why that matters to us. Part of your mission is to sell your products. I was spending some time the other day thinking about the “business mission” of (and a new related site to be announced very soon!).… [read more]

20 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop with Discounts


Do you want to increase your sales and profits? I know that’s a no-brainer question, but are you doing anything to promote your sales? Having a great product is a start, but you have to sell it to be successful! Discount codes and sales are a popular way to help someone go from a “maybe… [read more]

Just Daydreaming Etsy Ideas
{Location Based Selling}


I’m sure I’m not the only one who watches the web blur by in a wave of never-ending progress. Progress to where? Not sure. But one thing is clear… the “where” is part of the progress. Got that? I’m talking about location. Facebook just launched Facebook Places, Google has a strong location-based search engine with… [read more]

Best Times To List on Etsy


Tim here with an (un)scientific analysis of when to list or renew listings on When is the best time to list on Etsy? It’s a question every Etsy seller has asked themselves. It’s a subject we’ve talked about before. It’s not an easy question to answer, but the ramifications of getting it right could… [read more]

Low Start-Up Cost Business — Etsy Looks Good


So, this blog is called Everything Etsy. I guess that means nobody will be surprised when I say, yet again, that I’m a serious, die-hard, tried-and-true, Etsy fan. I luuurvve Etsy. As such a fan, I’m continually wanting to promote the virtues of Etsy for sellers and for buyers. And thus begins this post today…… [read more]

Focus On Your Fans {Etsy Business}


Is your existing contact list an untapped goldmine? Is your product something that you truly believe is helpful, inspiring, entertaining, or otherwise useful? If your answers are “probably” and “yes” respectively then I’ve got something for you to think about. My thoughts were inspired by a post I read this morning at the blog of… [read more]