20 Tips for Selling on Etsy


I know how it is because I’ve been there!  You want to increase your sales or start selling on Etsy and you could use a little help.  When I started selling on Etsy in 2008 I had no idea what I was getting into…ha!  I read everything I could find and stumbled through opening my… [read more]

Featured Directory Listings

Have you seen the Everything Etsy Directory lately? There are now over 550 listings! Enhanced listings now include a spot on the home page slider at the directory. You might enjoy checking out some of these great shops! (you can click on the image or title to visit that listing) </p> <p>Your browser does not… [read more]

Customizable Etsy Widget for WordPress {Tutorial}

This widget is fully customizable for your creative enjoyment!

This post is a little on the techy side – if it helps you, great! If it bores you to tears, blame Tim (he wrote it)! ~ Kim If you’re an Etsy Seller with a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you might be interested in a neat new plugin for displaying your Etsy shop items in… [read more]

Sell on Etsy {and nowhere else?}

Old Cash Register

Selling on Etsy and only on Etsy? I think it’s entirely “smart thinking” for a new company to form with the idea that they will only sell on Etsy. Forever. The first and most important reason I think that is because of the Etsy brand. If you make a great product and take great pictures… [read more]

Directory Listings and Bling!


Have you had a chance yet to visit the Everything Etsy Directory? If not, what are you waiting for?? There’s something for everyone! We’ve gotten (pretty close to) caught up on listings and there are hundreds of shops and suppliers in close to fifty categories. These Sellers Care! The sellers listed in the directory include… [read more]

Etsy Shop SEO {Video Tutorial}

Well my goodness!  It’s a week of new things here at Everything Etsy!  First the Everything Etsy Directory which has had close to 400 Etsy Shops submitted in four days! Now our first in-depth video tutorial. I have to admit, it was fun to make!  It was kind of like Tim and I playing “radio… [read more]

More Free Banners For Your Etsy Shop!


We’ve just added another dozen banners to our selection of free Etsy banners! This brings the total number of banners available to 83! We started playing around with mushrooms and then just couldn’t quit! We were seeing all sorts of bright colors, but we also included a few black and whites which you can add… [read more]

Success on Etsy {It’s a Sure Thing}


Being successful on Etsy is a sure thing. Hmmpfff…you say? Don’t scoff, it’s a true statement. Would you doubt any of these statements? Someone is going to move-in to the new house being built down the block. My husband is going to get a speeding ticket because he always drives 20mph over the limit. I… [read more]