Success on Etsy {It’s a Sure Thing}


Being successful on Etsy is a sure thing. Hmmpfff…you say? Don’t scoff, it’s a true statement. Would you doubt any of these statements? Someone is going to move-in to the new house being built down the block. My husband is going to get a speeding ticket because he always drives 20mph over the limit. I… [read more]

Tracking and Using Analytics – Part 2


This post is a continuation of a multi-post series on setting-up, analyzing, and using Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop. The first post is here. Be sure not to miss the next post by signing up to get by email. The Accounts Overview Screen When you first log-in to Google Analytics, you’ll see the… [read more]

Boost Holiday Sales! {Advertising Specials}


This will be my third Holiday Season selling on Etsy! The first year, I was surprised to see my sales jump the way they did. The next year, I was expecting it. This year, I’m preparing for it! How about you? I think it will pay to be prepared this year more than ever. Each… [read more]

Etsy as a Household Name – Why you want to sell on Etsy


Why Etsy has a great chance of being as widely known as eBay or and why that matters to us. Part of your mission is to sell your products. I was spending some time the other day thinking about the “business mission” of (and a new related site to be announced very soon!).… [read more]