Live A Colorful Life {Free Printable in 5 Color Schemes}


Looking for a cool printable to add some color to your space and a bit of encouragement to your day? Here you go! We created these just for Everything Etsy readers. Free for non-commercial use only. Letter — 8×10 — 4×6

Hazelwood Soap Co. – Handmade Success

We’re on our summer road trip right now and one of our favorite things to do is stop at all the cute little towns we happen to see along the way.  On our way to Asheville we found Waynesville! Well, I’m sure you know the moment my husband saw this little soap shop he started… [read more]

Scrapbooking Spaces – Summer Memories


It’s that time of year when you snap lots and lots of photos during your summer trips and pool parties.  You’ll need your scrapbooking supplies in order to easily share those fun summer memories. There’s something about having all my supplies organized and looking pretty that makes me a tad more creative.  It also helps… [read more]

11 DIY Craft Supplies


Make Your Own Craft Supplies! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about crafty people it’s that they can make just about anything!  You can save money by making supplies yourself, get exactly the color you want, or just be able to whip up some baker’s twine without having to run to the store. Making your… [read more]

Amazing Craft Room — Raising Up Rubies


We have featured so many beautiful craft spaces on Everything Etsy, but there is always a new one that just make me want to move in.  This fabulous craft room that belongs to Raising Up Rubies is outstanding in every single way possible.  No details are left undone! It’s super organized and pretty!  You can… [read more]

Lots of Fabric Storage Ideas – Organize It!


13 Ideas to Organize Your Fabric! Fabric can seriously take over a room…or two!  Great organization is required to keep everything where you can find it when inspiration strikes.  So many of you have said that fabric storage is one of your biggest organizational challenges.  It’s definitely one of mine! Right now I have my… [read more]

Creative Workspace Inspiration


I’m always gathering fabulous workspace ideas so that I can find a new idea here and there that would be just what I need at home. Pay attention to the details of these beautiful workspaces and you might just find the right basket, perfect storage idea, or the most amazing chair you’ve ever seen. It’s… [read more]

Whimsical Craft Room – Little Miss Momma


This whimsical craft room is full of bright and cheerful colors that are sure to inspire all that enter…don’t you think?  I love, love, love the creative decor of this workspace! Little Miss Momma created this fabulous craft room with her own style and it shows.  It must be fun to whip up some pretty… [read more]

Island Style Craft Studio – Palm Tree Princess


Let me just start off by saying “I’m sorry” to all of you that are having snow or freezing rain at this moment.  Maybe this beautiful island craft studio will brighten your day a bit. The lights, the colors…It works for me! This cheerful studio belongs to Desiree from Palm Tree Princess located in….Hawaii! Desiree… [read more]

Dream Home Craft Room {House of Turquoise}


Wow!  I love, love, love this fabulous craft room!  It’s the kind of room I could stay in for days without coming out.  Take a look at the beautiful color combination and that floor…oh my, that floor is awesome. I know you are all drooling over this room! You can find out all the juicy… [read more]