5 Circles of Relationship Marketing {Etsy Business Video}

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Sign Up For The Free Video Series Here Your Etsy Shop Marketing We recently asked Etsy sellers who subscribe to EverythingEtsy.com to name the one thing that was standing between them and the success they deeply want to achieve in their business. Overwhelmingly, the answer was summed up in a single word… “marketing”. And it’s… [read more]

USPS To Lower Rates and Endicia Announces Pay-on-Use Return Labels

Endicia Pay On Use Returns

Shipping costs are dropping! Now there is something you don’t hear every day! I guess I won’t really be fully convinced until I see it happen, but the information couldn’t have come from a better source. We were on a call the other day with Endicia talking about their new “pay when your customer uses it”… [read more]

Brand Building with Customized Shipping Labels {Tutorial & Video}

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About a year ago, we started printing our logo and Etsy shop name directly on our shipping labels. It was a small effort that we feel resulted in huge strides for the professional image and branding of our business. In this post, we’ve laid out the steps you can follow to personalize your own shipping… [read more]

10 Types of Great Blog Content {Blogging for Makers Podcast}

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Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with Tim and Kim for the next thirty minutes as we talk about 10 Types of Great Blog Content. These 10 ideas combined are all the “formula” you need to build an outstanding blog! https://s3.amazonaws.com/HandmadeTickle/podcasts/Blogging+for+Makers+Ep.+1+–+10+Types+of+Great+Blog+Content.mp3 Subscribe to the free Blogging for Makers Podcast via Feedburner here. Learn… [read more]

Exciting Scary New Etsy Guidelines

Exciting Scary New Etsy Guidelines

You’ve probably already heard that Etsy made some huge changes to the guidelines that determine what is offered for sale on Etsy and by whom.  Prior to these changes, Etsy had very restrictive policies that prevented anything resembling mass-production.  Everything in the “handmade” category (vs vintage or supplies) was meant to be made by one… [read more]