12 Creative Craft Closets {amazing ideas}


Have lots of crafty supplies and limited space??  Create a dreamy craft closet that’s functional and fabulous!

These are some seriously creative spaces and I’m sure you can find an idea or two to use in your own workspace.   Craft closets are perfect for your guest room…just close it up when company comes and you’re all set.  Or, if you really like them you can share your crafty secret space.

Here’s a bit of craft closet inspiration for you…

Office Makeover

Craft Closet –  Real Simple


The Ultimate Craft Closet –  Brit


Bedroom Craft Closet – 6th Street Design School


Mobile Closet Storage – Michaels


Craft Closet Makeover – Beneath my Heart


Craft Conner – Our Thrifty Ideas


Craft Space – Rambling of other such Nonsense


Office and Craft Closet –  Borealis Blog


Sewing and Craft Closet – DIY by Design


Scrapbook Closet –  Better Homes and Gardens


Chalkboard Craft Closet – Design Improvised


Art and Craft Closet – The Container Store

Can’t get enought??  You’ll love this post we did about an inspiring craft closet and this one..Small Craft Closets & Workspaces.

Craft closets can be created in a weekend and make you happy, happy, happy!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Michele DG says

    Hi Kim,

    I love your email updates! I happened to notice the third picture for bedroom craft closet was done by Jen at iHeartorganizing…a very talented lady as well. I’m in the process of creating my own craft space in what used to be an unused “formal” dining room! I like being in there surrounded by things that I love…colors, books, picture frames, organized projects and creations. It’s a happy place as I am sure it is for many women. Thanks for all you do :)

  2. says

    Wow! Awesome inspiration from these incredible craft spaces! I jist redid the celing in my workshop and it really needs color! I love the aqua blue in several of the spaces. Annnd I would be lost without pegboard! :) great post!!

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