Downton Abbey on Etsy

Downton Abbey on Etsy -

Yes, I am a serious fan of Downton Abbey.  When I watched that first episode I had no idea I was not going to miss a single episode ever, and that I would find myself quoting the characters in everyday life.  Of course, I decided to see what awesome handmade Downton Abbey treasures I could find on Etsy.  If you know someone that’s a fan you can take care of their next gift right from these fabulous finds.  If you haven’t seen an episode yet…you simply must do so.

Time to shop…

{Downton Abbey Hand Painted Necklace – Heather Kent}

{Violet Portrait – Ashley White Jacoben}

{Matthew Crawley Card – Arduosity }

Downton Abbey Collection on Etsy

{Downton Abbey Greeting Card – UUPP}

{Free Mr. Bates – Simply Sarah Crafts}

{Embroidered Illustration – Making Jiggy}

{What is a Weekend Mug – Laura’s Lovely Knits}

Downton Abbey on Etsy

{Downton Embroidery Hoop – Gracey May}

{Lady Mary Crawley Original Ink – Yardia}

{Vintage Dress – Vintspiration}

{Downtown Quote Print – Reimagination Prints}

If you are a major fan and would like to try a few Downton Abbey projects, you will love these…


10 Downton Abbey DIY Craft and Printables!

Do you have a favorite character?  I’m not sure if I do or not…they are all so believable in their rolls.

Did you know you can get Seasons 1 and 2 for free with Amazon Prime which totally pays for itself in free shipping alone. And if you’re a truly serious Downton Abbey fan, you can also buy the remainder of Season 3, available to watch right now, on Amazon Instant Video. (may require Amazon Prime membership, I’m not sure).

At the risk of sounding just like the overly techy girl I’ve become, I’ll share one more tip. We watch all of our Amazon Instant Video and Netflix shows on our TV without hooking up the computer. Both are available as apps for the X-Box 360, so the boys game console gets put to good use!



  1. says

    I just saw it for the first time this weekend! I devoured the first seven episodes while I worked on my income taxes. What a great way to make even income taxes enjoyable. Now I know what you are talking about. I love it too.

    • says

      It’s awesome it could help you with your taxes…lol! After a few episodes it really grabs ya, doesn’t it! We are slowly going through some of the last season. I don’t want it to end…sigh.


  2. says

    I watched one episode and LOVED it! I decided to save the rest as we’re going cable free this week (had to get past the Super Bowl). We have a Roku so I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime, too. I just can’t say enough good things about Prime.

    Thanks so much for for including my dictionary art print in your post.


    • says

      You’re print is great!

      I don’t know how to express just how much I love Amazon Prime. We order so much more now and everything arrives so fast.

      Have fun catching up on all your Downton Abbey!


  3. says

    I definitely have a handful of favorite characters! Anna & Mr. Bates, of course, tied with Daisy (love watching her slowly understand how the world works). After those, Matthew Crawley, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore, and Cora. The rest are delightful to watch, in banter and in their dress, but personally I couldn’t be friends with them!

  4. says

    I have added this show to my Netflix que since the last Etsy e-mail I received about it. I really feel now like I need to start watching it with all this positive chatter. I must seriously be missing out on something!

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