Seeing Things In A New Light With The Panasonic Lumix G5 Camera {Giveaway}

You know how there are some things you just know you’ll never change? I’m talking about things that are just ingrained into your psyche. Big stuff such as how you like your eggs, what side of the bed you prefer to sleep on, and what kind of camera you use to take your most important pictures.

For me these were all very clear. Over Easy for sure, the right side (depends on one’s perspective, I guess), and a Canon ELPH point-and-shoot camera.

Well, I guess even the big stuff changes sometimes because there is a new camera in my life and I won’t be going back. Not a chance, sista!

The Panasonic Lumix G5 Solves My Natural Lighting Woes

Take a look at the comparison pictures below. These were taken at the exact same time and from the exact same spot. I haven’t touched the pictures with Photoshop except to crop them to size. The difference you see in lighting was all done by the camera.

Test Image Canon ELPH

Image #1 – Canon ELPH Point-and-Shoot

TestImage Panasonic Lumix G5

Image #2 – Panasonic Lumix G5

As you can see, the Panasonic image is substantially brighter and I didn’t have to do one second of photo editing to get this result. This is straight from the camera. I also love the softer focus of the second picture. Notice the difference in the wall texture between the two shots.

Amazing Shots w/ 14 Built-In Creative Filters

There really is so much to love about this camera that we’re already working on a much more in-depth review, but the coolest thing and the feature I’ll be using more than any other, are the 14 creative filters programmed into the camera.

The filter that makes my low-light problems a memory is called “High Key”. Other favorites are the High Dynamic and Impressive Art settings. Truthfully, all fourteen of the creative filters are really great.

These filters essentially take what (for me) was a pretty big deal in Photoshop and does it better with a total of three clicks of a button on the camera.

  1. The first click opens up the main menu.
  2. The next click chooses “creative controls”
  3. The final click is where I select which one of the fourteen filters I want to use.

The greatest thing about this process is that, as you scroll through the filter options, the picture changes before your very eyes either on the beautiful LCD screen or in the electronic viewfinder (which is crystal clear). This gives you a fairly accurate representation of what your final image is going to look like.

It’s so much fun to scroll through the various filters and try a few of them on any given picture!

Here are a few more shots taken with the Panasonic Lumix G5, all directly from the memory card, no editing software at all.




This Camera is a Keeper!

I love this camera and, even though I never thought I’d do it, I’m moving on from my trusty little point-and-shoot. The Panasonic Lumix G5 is just so, so much better.

It’s so good that, even though Panasonic was nice enough to send us a camera to review, we’re planning on buying another one (You can get free shipping at until December, 31 2012!) to help with the newest problem in our house.

Who has the camera?

I’d love to know … does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test? Answer in the comments to be entered to win a Panasonic Lumix G5 camera, courtesy of BlogHer and Panasonic! (Please note that a winner will be chosen from a pool of all participating reviewers’ blogs.)

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This sweepstakes runs from 11/19-12/19

Be sure to visit the Panasonic brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!


  1. says

    ACK!!! I have an old hand me down point and shoot and a new camera is on my Xmas – it ain’t never gonna happen – wish list. I NEED this in my life. My blog needs this in its life. My children’s futures needs this in its life.
    Thanks for a shot at the title!

  2. says

    I have gotten used to my Canon Xti but I wish that I could take better product photos on white. I struggle with this. The Lumix looks like it might solve that problem. I don’t like to mess with photo editing software much. Thanks for sharing your review and a chance to win one of my own. Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Kendal Barriere says

    No, I have never considered a picture from my current camera to be art/wall worthy. But I also probably don’t know how to use my camera to its best ability!

  4. says

    Love those pom-pons! 😛
    Believe it or not, my hand-me-down camera is the Canon T1i. It is great and often produces good photos but I still end up doing a lot of editing, not to mention all the shots I have missed because lugging around an SLR was too much of a pain. I have been avoiding redoing product shots because somehow I cannot get the color purple to actually show up in a photo as purple… weird! Getting true-to-life colors is really difficult, even after adjusting the white balance and everything! ):

  5. Melissa says

    My camera does produce results I’d hang on the wall, WHEN the operator knows what she’s doing… I don’t know nearly enough about our DSLR to make it do what I want all the time. I’d love a chance to win a camera that made me (and my photos) look better!

  6. Jessica Dawson says

    My camera USED to take photos I would hang on my wall as art, but over the last two years either the quality has gone down due to use and wear, or the quality of photos on everyone’s Instagrams has gone up 😉

  7. says

    I love the comparison shots. I’m on the hunt for a new camera. Mine is an ancient, 5mp point and shoot and it just doesn’t do my product justice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. SewLindaAnn says

    I have an Olympus D-560 Zoom, and yes I think some shots I took would be great as artwork and some actually already are! The problem is my cat knocked it off my desk when batting some things around and now it’s taped and also I made the mistake of buying the one that takes regular batteries instead of the special ones for cameras. With all the pictures they wear out quickly. Being it’s time for a new camera, I’m in for a chance at this one.

  9. Catherine R says

    My camera doesn’t pass the test. It’s been sidelined and I go to a friend’s house to get my pictures done until I can my own new one that will pass the test!

  10. Kara says

    I had a Panasonic lumix camera that I loved for 7 years of rough use until I had to replace it. I bought a Sony cyber shot and it takes art quality pictures I can hang on the wall but it is hit or miss. I would love to be able to go back to a Panasonic!

  11. Lauren S. says

    My camera actually does, but my daughter’s does not. She is a senior this year and will be going off to college. She only has a phone camera and I would LOVE LOVE to win this to send her off with her very own decent camera.

  12. bblawson says

    Does my camera produce art I would hang on my walls? Well, yes and no. I’ve never used an editing program, but sometimes, just sometimes, I get it right when I snap a shot. More often than not, though, I get it horribly wrong.
    Thank you!

  13. says

    Ga, mine does not. It’s a point & shoot & they always seem to come out kinda grainy & dark even in great light. I need a new one… it’s on my Christmas list!

  14. Jacintha says

    Oh my goodness….I’ve been debating to get a good camera. I’ve been reading about the micro four-thirds technology for months now. The photos are amazing.

  15. Jane S. says

    Right now the only camera I have is the one on my cell phone. So no, it definitely does NOT produce wall-worthy art! Thank you so much for the chance to win a new camera. :)

  16. says

    I have a Canon DSLR that doesn’t take crisp or bright photos as the Lumix does. I usually have to Photoshop the heck out of them and have not taken many photos this year at all! I would be in heaven if I won this camera!

  17. Barbara Noland says

    well I thought my camera took fairly good pictures, but after seeing this blog…not so sure now. Would love to win a new camera…WOW

  18. Claudia A. says

    There is no way that my camera could take anything near as good as what you have posted. I am ashamed to admit it, but I don’t yet have a digital camera except the one on my cell phone. And yes I am still using a flip phone. I have it as #1 on my list to Santa, but since my Santa is out of work…my list will have to wait another year.

  19. Jenifer says

    Wow, great picture quality. My camera takes okay pictures and is on it’s last leg. I really need a new one. I’d love love love to have this camera!!!

  20. Linda Nelson says

    I have a Lumix FZ28, and it is such a fabulous camera! I have been impressed with all Lumix products, and yes, photos are wall-worthy!

  21. Heather says

    This would be such an incredible tool for me! I live in a row home with awnings over all the windows, so there is no such thing as good natural light in my house. I would love to win!

  22. Sara says

    My camera, a Canon PowerShot A570, is good, but I end up having to edit almost picture I shoot – so I can tell now that it’s not as as good as the Panasonic Lumix 5 camera. What I think is nice about what you’ve pointed out, is that I’d be able to take the pictures of objects without having to use any additional parts and/or set-ups (display box) just to get the correct lighting AND clear focus. =)

  23. sandyb720 says

    This is such an unique camera. I take a lot of pictures of my sewing and quilting along with my husband’s chainsaw carvings and would I ever love to see things in a different light as this camera lets you do.

    Thank you so much for showing how awesome this camera is and offering it for a giveaway.

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  24. Stephanie says

    Sometimes, depending on who is using it and what the subject matter is! Thanks for the opportunity to win this camera!

  25. says

    ha. no. And I come from a long line of photographers so it’s shameful…

    and i’ve just started a blog and etsy store so it’s REALLY shameful….

  26. Carol Y says

    I have a Lumix point-and-shoot that turned out to be considerably better than my old Canon p&s. And I really liked my Canon. The lighting is considerably better. I’d love to have a more advanced Lumix though!!!

  27. LJ says

    NO WAY, though I wonder if the photographer might be the bigger problem! :) Since I’ve been posting some photos online (Flickr), I’ve been more aware of my camera’s shortcomings – and mine. What a marvelous prize! Thanks for the chance.

  28. Jeane Gallo says

    My camera doesn’t pass the test, although I have hung a picture or two on the wall after much editing in photoshop!

  29. Claudia says

    I wish my camera would take photos to hang on the wall but it died. I picked it up to use it a few weeks ago and it was just dead. I’m looking for a new one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Cathy k. says

    I had a camera that used to produce wall worthy color and light, but my husband dropped it while on a trip abroad. He bought me a DSLR but I just feel like there is so much editing to do on every shot. Love the softness and light in your photos above.

  31. Angelena Stowell says

    My camera is so awful I don’t even bother. I use my iPhone >giggle<. I have always loved photography and desired a nice camera. This camera sounds amazing! I'll be your slave for one full week. That always worked with my siblings growing up. 😉

  32. says

    My camera doesn’t pass the test AT ALL! I have a point and shoot older Nikon and the photos taken indoors are so poor that I usually use my iphone. I have a fancy professional level Nikon that I haven’t learned to use and am not doing so well on “auto”!


  33. Michelle says

    I have a “pretty decent” DSLR camera, and I literally have spend years learning how to capture the “perfect shot” depending on lighting, shadows, etc. etc. To be perfectly honest though…..I can count on one hand the number of photos displayed in my home taken with that camera :-(

  34. says

    I do not have The Panasonic Lumix G5 , and my photos are not wall/art worthy!

    My very supportive, sweet husband purchased my present camera when I started my online shop and needed some decent photos. Now that I have progressed, I am ready for a more sophisticated camera. Having done research, I have decided on The Panasonic Lumix G5. It has everything I need and the ease if use puts it over the top!

    I sure hope my shot at getting this camera will be as good as the shots from The Panasonic Lumix G5!

  35. Carol Anderson says

    I bring my camera with me everywhere I go, but never are the photos good enough to frame on a wall. I would love to win this!!

  36. Gayle says

    Outdoor shots with my camera are typically light enough, but indoor shots are another issue. Thanks for offering this give away.

  37. Larra says

    My camera is great – for a point and shoot – but the photos it takes aren’t really up to snuff for what I want on my Etsy. As an art student I definitely have an appreciation for cameras that create stand alone work!

  38. Aleah says

    It’s nice to see the difference from another point and shoot. I so need a good point and shoot. Sometimes it’s just not feasible to lug the big camera around!!

  39. says

    I love the comparison photos – the difference is amazing! My camera does an okay job in natural light, but I’m always off to photoshop to do touch-ups (especially with exposure/lighting). Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Missy says

    There is no comparison between wall-worthy art and the grainy pics my point-and-shoot produces. I’d love to try out this wonderful camera!

  41. linda says

    My camera is cool, but my biggest issue is Lighting -So if i had a camera that made great pics and had lighting handled -inside and out–i would be super happy–as for the art on walls, i think i could find some pics to send off to be gallery wrapped–although they would probably pictures of my niece or family/friend shots.

  42. Sarah B. says

    Ha ha… no. It’s a cell phone camera. At least with that I can blame it on the camera and not the photographer!

  43. says

    I do have a nice camera that I got as a gift last year but it’s huge and never makes it out with me, but when it does, those pictures are print-worthy.
    Unfortunately 99% of my pictures come from my phone, which is not even always FB worthy lol!!

  44. says

    I would LOVE to win this awesome camera! I could definitely upgrade my Etsy photos with such a fine piece of equipment! I currently spend a lot of time editing the photos I take….would love to cut down on that time!!

  45. says

    I have a Canon ELPH as well and I actually love it, but to answer your question, no I don’t think that it would take an, “Art I’d Love to Hand on My Walls” test without photo editing software. I’d love to have an upgraded camera to take pictures for my blog. Sitting there editing photos for hours is such a pain! haha.

  46. Hannah K. says

    Uh, nope. Mine doesn’t pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test. But it could just be me I’m pretty terrible when it comes to taking blur-free/in focus shots.

    I would love to try this camera though and see if my luck would change. Thank you Kim!

  47. Alan Lee says

    Does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test? Actually, I do have some of my photos on my walls, but the Panasonic Lumix G5 seems like a great camera to try!

  48. Jennifer Alexander says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have an old Canon Elph and while its a good camera, I am in need of an upgrade.


  49. Carrie Wendell says

    “Sweeps Entry Please” I currently use a digital SLR but the difference between the two shows the value of this system!

  50. Courtney Boosk says

    I wish my trusty point and shoot produced wall worthy photos all the time with little editing, but sadly it does not! This camera looks like a dream! Adding to my list of things to invest in!

  51. says

    My camera definitely does not pass the “Art I Would Hang On My Walls” test. But part of that may be the operator’s fault!
    I love the idea of the filter options on this camera! Man, I’d love to have a nice camera.
    Thanks for the info!

  52. Matt says

    I wouldn’t spend that much on a camera nowadays. $159 pocket Lumix is a great camera too. Nice and compact as well. Takes amazing pix and is also very intuitive with lighting.

  53. april yedinak says

    My current camera barely passes as a camera. It is a decade old point and shoot and it shows it’s age badly.

  54. Joy Farrell says

    I know diddly squat about cameras. Had a Canon many years ago but the film got stuck one day and I couldn’t fix it, so I gave it to my daughter. If I don’t win, I am certainly going to buy a Panasonic Lumix G5. Do you have to Tweet? I don’t know how.

  55. Sharon Martin says

    You wouldn’t believe – I can’t believe – what a diddly-squat camera I’m using. Wall-worthy? Mine aren’t even email worthy! Would be great if everyone could win a Lumix, but as there will be just one of us, I hope it’s me.

  56. David says

    I have been using Canon for quite a few years now but my first p&s digital was a Lumix. Both were fantastic machines and capable of good quality photos. It’s a tool and only as capable as its user.

  57. gary bliss says

    “Does my camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test?” Yes, indeed, and the walls of my window-less Pentagon office are covered with them. We live in the golden age of imaging when 20×30 prints are only $9 at the local CostCo. I can attest to the quality of the Panny too: i made a gorgeous 16×20 on canvas from an image taken with the Panny G1 (the G5’s predecessor). It hangs over his fireplace.

  58. Melinda Dempsey says

    I have the Canon you mentioned. So far it’s been a great camera. However, I would love to see differences for myself especially after seeing the pics you posted. I will be starting a jewelry/photography business soon and a spectacular camera would be a great asset to my company!

  59. says

    I have a Panasonic Lumix that I love & yes it can pass the test. This one has a higher megapixel & better pics in certain lighting though so I’d love it!!!

  60. Michael Franznick says

    The Lumix results remind me of shots taken wiyh my iPhone using HDR processing. I wonder if that’s all that we’re seeing here? I find the Canon shots more realistic.

  61. Donald Holmes says

    does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test?

    Yes, the Nikon V1 is so fast it makes capturing action shots a breeze and will blow up to 11×14 with no issues.

  62. says

    90% of the time I use the camera that came with the cell phone…so the answer is no…it probably won’t pass that test! hahaha…this camera is totally awesome!

    amy [at] utry [dot] ot

  63. Nick Radkewich says

    My Canon SX40 took some wall worthy photos during post-Thanksgiving festivities in low light where I couldn’t use the flash. I may be blinded all the cameras I own are Canon, maybe trying a Panasonic I’ll learn the difference.

  64. Julie Creech says

    My Canon Powershot has taken some very nice family and vacation pictures. It could probably do more if I took some time with it.

  65. Ashley Doodle says

    Yes would definitely pass the test of art to hang on walls I would love to cover my living room in photos of my kids.

  66. moonsword says

    Nope, my camera would not produce photos that pass the Wall Art test…it’s busted and produces nothing so I’d love a Lumix! :)

  67. says

    My camera definitely does not take wall photo worthy photos. Wow the colors are crisp and I love the natural lighting aspect. Thanks for the chance!

  68. Anna says

    Wow, I have a very different reaction than that of the author or in the couple of dozen comments I read. I find the pictures from the Lumix washed out and without much detail. Actually, very disappointing.

  69. Bob says

    The first photo is actually better exposed than the second. The reason the focus seems “softer” in the second is the depth of field is significantly shorter. The photo taken by the Lumix is over-exposed and washed out. You mention the texture of the wall, but I find that it is virtually undetectable in the Lumix photo – because it is washed out. The shadows in the photo taken with the Cannon are much more realistic. If your objective is to eliminate, or reduce the shadows, you could simply use the camera’s built-in flash.

  70. says

    Re: the Panny LX5, do note that its more advanced brother, the LX7, is $200 off today only (cyber-Monday), at $299. Also, as a pro photog, I could argue that the LX5 image is a bit over-exposed. No biggie, as any reasonable point-and-shoot has exposure control to brighten or darken the shot instead of leaving it up to the camera to decide. Best practice is to take several different exposures and pick the best!

  71. Karen says

    The shots are definitely impressive when you consider no editing was involved . . .

    Any comments on color accuracy? I’ve had countless cameras over the years and it seems live every camera has an issue with at least one color (blues are off or reds are, etc.) even when (as others have mentioned) creating a custom white balance.

  72. Natasha says

    My camera takes great art worthy pictures of subjects that are close up but lacks the ability to zoom for distant shots. I’d love one of these for my upcoming vacation to Sri Lanka – especially for wildlife shots on safari.

  73. Peter Anderson says

    It’s not the camera, but the eye behind it that makes the art I would hang on my wall. That being said, my F3, D90 and RB67 sure do help!

  74. Erin says

    My camera and I don’t take pictures that I would even consider hanging on my refrigerator beside the pictures my toddler grandchildren create! The one holding the camera has to take responsibility, but having a truly great camera can make all the difference!

  75. Ray Williams says

    I once owned a Konica-Minolta that would take ready-to-hang photos, but little hands knocked it off the kitchen table, and I’ve yet to find it’s equal.

  76. Katrina says

    My camera broke, so all my family uses is our cell phones so all the pictures come out a bit blurry and off color. They’re not something I would put on my walls as art, maybe as abstract art.

  77. Richard says

    The “Momarazzi’s ” are on the loose here. Wow. To know so little about truly artistic photography. Amazing. As a professional photographer with over 35 years experience this makes me cringe.

  78. Richard says

    So OK….let’s look at the 2 photos. The real reason focus is so soft is because the camera intentionally overexposes the shot by stopping down….and in effect reducing depth of field. Want proof….the clothes pin is out of focus (NOT in “soft focus”. This is caused by a stopped down lens. It’s the main reason the wall texture disappears….it’s waaaay out of focus because of the depth of field issue.
    So a photo like this gets passed off by your camera as a good one. Pretty funny actually.

  79. Margaret says

    I do love my Canon point and shoot camera and it takes pretty good photos but I do end up editing most of them before they are “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” worthy. I would love to win this Panasonic Lumix G-5 that has the editing features built into the camera and has features of a DSLR camera! Thank you for the giveaway!

  80. cw says

    In the past 2 years with my current camera (iphone camera) I have been able to put 3 of the pictures on canvas. They turned out pretty good. However, they all were taken outside in the perfect light. It would be great to have a camera that takes great pictures in not-so-great lighting, etc.

  81. john says

    I was expecting an affordable camera… I looked on Ebay and the G5’s are like 700 dollars or more WITHOUT lens, while the canon ELPH point-and-shoot is like 100 bucks. I don’t get this at all… have you compared other super-high end cameras with your Panasonic? What is this really about here? Very strange indeed.

  82. Amy Lane says

    Wow! What an amazing difference. I love my Canon S95, but I feel like I constantly have to keep tweaking to get the right shot. This Panasonic camera seems to be exactly what I need! Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  83. Kelsey Kim says

    Yes sometimes, I have a dslr( Pentax) that gives me some amazing photos, and an older Panasonic lumix point and shoot that did at first. But it’s been through a lot!

  84. Mary O. says

    I really really really need a good camera. I have been using little digital cameras (lately an old sony for under a $100) which is good but I have grandchildren plus I am an artist and having a really “good” camera could change my life so the answer to the question “are my pictures hang on the wall worthy” – I am afraid not – but I would love for them to be!

  85. Katie W says

    Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post: I have been looking for a new camera forever! I was going to get one on Black Friday, but missed the deal! :-< Totally bummed 'bout that one! But would love to win this one! I need it so bad! I'm termed the Picture Boss in my office, cause I take so many!

  86. says

    I would say my current camera, a point and shoot does not pass the test. When there is plenty of natural light it takes great photos for a point and shoot. I struggle with my blog because I don’t have a great deal of natural light in my house, so much of my photos aren’t so great.

  87. L Negri says

    What fascinates me about this camera is how it works; I started with a film camera and black-and-white processing, and it is hard to shift gears in my thinking to grasp how different this is.

  88. Steve says

    My Canon A-1 is perfectly which uses silver halide technology is perfectly capable of producing wall worthy art. Any problems are the fault of they person pushing the shutter button.

  89. Cindy says

    No, my photos are not “hang on the wall-worthy!” But I’m working on it and desperately need to move up from my point & shoot camera! Thanks for educating us about this option!

  90. Suzanne says

    My camera does pass the test, but it’s a big, heavy DSLR, that I can’t carry around all the time. A smaller camera that could go everywhere would get more use.

  91. Douglas Piazza says

    I have news for everyone. A camera does not take pictures. Only a photographer can take a picture. A camera is a photographer’s tool. It can do nothing by itself. It has to be operated by a photographer who takes great pictures by studying light, exposure, apertures, shutter speeds, composition and by learning to use them in order to make a great picture.

  92. says

    I would love a camera like this, but I could never justify spending the money on it because I wasn’t sure if it really took great pictures.

    I love your shots and I like how artsy your pictures are as well :)

    This is an amazing giveaway and I would love to win!

  93. Mathew B says

    I would say that my point and shoot passes the test, I would hang a lot of the pictures I’ve taken on my walls.

  94. Todd says

    … does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test?

    Of course! While I have no doubt the G5 is a great camera (hence my entry here), the bottom line is that photographers produce photos, the camera is just a tool.

  95. Greg Harris says

    It’s not just the camera that produces “wall ready” art. Other than a crop/enlarge here and there to make the image the right size/shape for framing, many of my pictures are “wall ready”. Still it would be fun to see what this camera can do for myself.

  96. says

    I shoot on a t2i, so yeah, my pics definitely worth hanging, image quality-wise. My actual photography skills? Now that’s a different story…

  97. Paula Rutledge says

    Leave it to Panasonic to make a camera even more powerful & versatile while making it easier to use at the same time!

  98. says

    The ELPH picture (#1) looked much better to me; the Lumix photos all look more or less very washed out or too brightly lit. There’s no gradation of brightness within the photos. So my advice is …. don’t switch yet. .

  99. Jennifer Atkinson says

    A lot depends on subject, and what look I’m going for, as to whether or not my camera takes “wall-ready” shots.

  100. Bicycle Bill says

    I agree with the comment from xian gehman above (#252), and for the same reasons.  In my world, the Panasonic’s photo in the comparison between the ELPH and the Panasonic is a classic example of overexposure.  But if that sort of thing is what floats your boat, then by all means go for it.  

  101. garth says

    “does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test? ”

    For much of the past 22 years, I used an independently top-rated Chinon point-and-shoot with utilized three beams for distance finding and focus. I travelled several parts of the world and collected many more than a 1000 excellent slides that I would share “on my walls” with family and friends.

    However, all things must pass, and I am now in the market for a serious new camera, after having experimented with inexpensive, stop-gap digitals for the past year or so.

  102. garth says

    For 22 years, I used a top-rated Chinon point-and-shoot with utilized three beams for focus. I travelled and collected many more than 1000 excellent slides that I would share “on my walls” with family and friends.

    I am now in the market for a serious new camera.

  103. Warren Hershberger says

    does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test?
    No. I would really appreciate the panasonic camera.

  104. Courtney Hipp says

    No, I need massive help from PhotoShop before I have something I would even email to my friends and family.

  105. Lorraine Wheeler says

    No my camera doesn’t make the high quality wall art shown. I am looking for a camera that does though!

  106. Annie in OKC says

    I’ve had my Panasonic Point & Shoot with 18x optical zoom for at least four (or is it five?!?) years now and absolutely love it. Great photo quality (can’t beat that Leica lens!), easy to use, light-weight, well, I could go on and on. And because of trying out my Panasonic at least three friends purchased one too.

    Have to say – the new Lumix G5 looks like one fantastic camera!

  107. says

    My camera does take photos I’d hang on the wall, it’s a smaller “prosumer” version of a Panasonic Lumix, the FX line of cameras. But my current Panasonic is beginning to act up, it’s getting old. I’d really love to add the Panasonic Lumix G5 to my arsenal to start shooting to get my next photo show up on a gallery wall.

    I’d love that the Panasonic controls are easy to use, you can find the things you want fast. And the images are great. I shoot a lot of reflection photos. My first solo photo show is up in a gallery this month and it is sooo cool to see my images printed at 19″ x 24″ and up on a gallery wall with no problem – even from a smaller Panasonic camera. I’d love to see what I can do with the G5.

  108. Elissa Macklin says

    I use a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS ELPH and my smartphone – I’ve gotten art-worthy photos from both!

    I’d love the chance to try the Panasonic Lumix G5. I’d love the chance to use the filters to improve my work.

  109. Sally C. Sheola says

    It’s not just the camera, but the operator and his/her knowledge that creates wall-worthy art. That aside, although I have a decent camera, it is a pain to lug around and I nearly always have to edit the photos. I would love to have the Panasonic Lumix G5 for its size and capabilities. I’ve been looking at the Lumix models for some time.

  110. Noelle M. says

    Considering that my only working camera at the moment is on my phone, it does definitely not take wall-worthy photos! (Though they are surprisingly good, all things considered.)

  111. Tania says

    my camera doesn’t take wall-worthy photos at all…in fact, it’s currently sitting in a drawer, broken & unusable! :-(

  112. Jerry says

    My camera is an older Lumix, and a picture I took with it is my computer wallpaper. The 5x optical zoom makes some great shots possible. But it’s only 5 MP – not really enough for wall sized prints – so I’d love an upgrade.

  113. Honeybird says

    I love the wide range of Filter-options. It’s so diverse! But I also like the quick AF, because I find it so hard to capture moving objects in a still picture, and also get a good result. I’m always really focused on detail. And this camera realizes optimal detail in its photos!

  114. Jim says

    So the Canon underexposes a bit and uses a smaller aperture, giving focus over a greater depth of field, and the Etsy over-exposes a bit and chose a wider aperture throwing the background out of focus.

    These are things a serious photographer wants to control, rather than leaving it up to the guys who programmed the camera. The Canon could probably duplicate the Etsy shot with different exposure options.

  115. Audrey says

    No, my current camera does not produce pictures worthy of being called “art” or hung on the wall. Thanks for the opportunity for an upgrade.

  116. Denise says

    I thought my camera could produce wall worthy photos until I have seen the photos that come out of it compared to photos that come out of my daughter’s camera. I wish I had a camera she would want to borrow! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  117. Greg says

    If you’re not getting wall-ready art out of your camera, blame the carpenter not the tool. Most cameras sold in the last 5 years are capable of producing wall ready art if the users took the time to read the manuals and learn the ins and outs of their cameras. I disagree with your comparison of the Elph vs. the Lumix photos above. The shadows and details in the Lumix photo are totally blown out and overlight. Look at how the details at the top of the corner of the jar facing the camera are totally lost because of the overexposure. And as a commenter stated above, the shallow depth of field causes almost everything behind it to be out of focus (not soft focus). With a little tinkering with the camera’s setting, however, I’m sure that this photo can be vastly improved.

  118. Charles says

    The Canon photos have more detail and capture the image more accurately. There is more detail on the wall and in the shadow. This is more realistic and accurate. The Lumix is over-exposing the image. Over-exposing is a well-known trick of pro’s to hide detail when you don’t want it, like wrinkles and pores in portraits. open up the Canon by 1/2 stop and you’ll get similar results, but with Canon’s generally better quality. Gimmicks on the lumix can be fun, but most of the time I prefer to get the most accurate shot I can, then play with it in Photoshop.

  119. chris says

    If conditions are just about perfect my point & shoot takes great pix. Problematic, however, that the delay causes loss of many shots… the time the shutter opens & captures the photo, the moment’s gone, gone, gone ;-{

  120. Kathleen Conner says

    I have a few really great wall-worthy pictures, but it’s mostly just luck and playing the odds–if you take a ton of pictures, a couple are bound to be good! I could definitely use a new camera, though, I wish my focus and shutter-speed worked better.

  121. RG says

    Does my camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test?

    Yes, but not really large art! And it’s an old camera. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome Panasonic Lumix.

  122. Jim says

    Sorry, I like the old camera better. The new one is brighter but any editing program will brighten up your pictures. You might like the “softer” picture from your new one but to me it just lacks detail. The picture is no where near as sharp as your old one. Look at all the items in your comparison. None from the new one are near as sharp as the old one. Maybe it’s just me but I like detail in my pictures. I like to see exactly what I shot. Not a blurred image of it.

  123. valerie says

    My DSLR does take art-worthy pictures, but I would love something smaller and more portable that would take equally as great picutres!

  124. Mike Hacking says

    My camera is a small Canon Power Shot which can produce pics which are wall ready… (especially if they’re of my adorable children. :) Although I do get a little picky sometimes and want to adjust something or other on the photos.

    About the above comparisons… beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so while having an image which is clearer in the center and blurred around the edges can give a somewhat surreal effect, sometimes what is called for is a sharper image, with more detail and contrasting shadows. Both have their merits and depend on what is trying to be achieved.

  125. Mick J says

    Who are you trying to kid here.. the Cannon is accurate.the wall texture belongs in the photo, the table is washed out. Period! Stop trying to fool the people, thats not very nice.

  126. Michael Szedon says

    My camera makes great photos that I would definitely consider wall-worthy. I make great photos with my Nikon P510, and I don’t have to “edit” them at all.

  127. Ashley says

    What camera? :) The last time I purchased a camera was over 10 years ago! My phone now takes better pictures than it ever could. With our first child on it’s way, a new camera would be great! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  128. Todd Beall says

    I think my camera would do pretty well (Sony DSC-HX100V), but this one (Panasonic Lumix G5) would definitely do better!
    Alternate lenses are expensive, though!

  129. Lee says

    my dSLR camera produces photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test? my handy consumer camera can but not always.

  130. Ann D says

    I waited for many years for my trip to Maui but, my Canon Elph wasn’t up to the challenge of the stunning natural beauty beholden this island. At every turn a breath taking scene. But, the scene had changed by the time I’d adjusted my camera. I’d do it all again if I had the Lumix g5 in my hands and photos of Maui would be hanging on my walls.

  131. Marsha Scott says

    My camera does not produce art quality pictures, but it’s a great grab and go I can keep in my purse for any scene I want to capture. My phone doesn’t record very well, so I keep the camera handy. Thanks!

  132. Felicia says

    My camera takes good pictures but I have to do some editing on the computer before I would print them out. Usually the coloring is off and looks very bland so I have to brighten them up and make the colors stand out.

  133. Cara says

    My point-and-shoot digital definitely does not make Art. The light is never right, which affects the colors–how accurate they are to real life and how nice they look overall.

  134. says

    I have a Panasonic Lumix LX3, and I looooove it. It’s especially great for macro shots. I do have to edit photos, though. All that’s built into the G5 sounds really great!! I’ll have to go investigate more, you’ve enticed me for sure!

  135. Cindi says

    I “sometimes” produce photos that I would gladly hang on the wall, but trying to figure out white balance and the proper settings with my regular compact camera is not easy!

  136. Naomi Reynolds says

    Sometimes my camera takes pictures that I would hang on my wall as art — but I rarely actually get around to printing them out and as to framing and hanging — well, maybe one of these days!

  137. Olivia Rubin says

    Wow, what a difference in lighting! I don’t own a camera, just my cell phone, but my mom has a canon cool pix and when I borrow that it seems like the shutter speed is always 1 second slower than I need. If it would just go faster or be more responsive to movement in subject, maybe the photo would be art worthy beyond the refrigerator

    Oliviatheservicedog at hotmail dot com

  138. anash says

    I love that it is lightweight….thats very important to me! Thanks for a super giveaway!
    My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  139. says

    Yes. I have a very good camera. Its only 14MP though, so I would love to win this one that is 18/16MP! I actually have an Etsy shop where I sell my photos!

  140. Betty C says

    Wall worthy art? Not a chance. I’d love to have a camera that would give me the photos I want to enlarge or transfer to canvas for my walls or better yet as gorgeous gifts.

  141. Sarah L says

    I do have a couple of pictures that I hung on my walls, but this camera could do much better.
    Thanks for the contest.

  142. says

    Unfortunately my camera definitely does not in answer to your question – I’d love to know … does your camera produce photos that pass the “Art I Would Hang on My Walls” test?

  143. Beth Cole says

    The camera that I have takes pictures that are so blurry. I have been doing research on new cameras and this one sounds awesome.

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