Etsy Wedding Registry & Handmade Weddings

weddings2 {Photo by ArmoursansAnguish}

Weddings are magical and handmade touches only add to the beauty!  We’ve share with you 101 Simple Handmade Wedding Ideas, but why not start off your new married life with fabulous handmade treasures from Etsy?

Did you know you could sign up for Etsy’s Wedding Registry now?  I know if I was tying the knot this would be the first place I would register!

You can find everything you need in one spot {and it’s all handmade or a vintage}…ya gotta love that!


From vintage Pyrex kitchen bowls {that I LOVE} to monogrammed pillows, the Wedding Registry makes it super easy for couples to choose the perfect gifts for their lifestyle.

You can easily add any item on Etsy!  Whoo hoo!

If your guests have never heard of Etsy I’m sure they’ll thank you for it.  They will always remember how cool and smart you were to register on Etsy and are sure to be eternally grateful…just sayin’!

Are you an Etsy seller?  Check out the Etsy Forums for helpful information.

Enjoy it!


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    I am pretty excited about the etsy wedding changes and hope that it will mean much increased business for me. I have just recently begun to sell some wedding related items – basically I stumbled on them and a friend encouraged me to list them! Otherwise, I never would have even considered it! But, surprisingly, my new wedding decor items have done really well and I am excited to expand this area of my shop. Thanks for the post on this area – I hope to see more insights into “exploiting” this new area as I’m not totally sure how it works. . .thanks

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