Craft Show Tips {Display Ideas}

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Ever walk through a craft show and try to remember some of the more interesting and super crafty display ideas?  There are so many ways to create a display with cheap and easy projects that will make your booth stand out in the crowd.

Display your beautiful work without spending a ton on some fancy store displays…make your own!


Display your handmade rings in a case created just for you.  Go with any color you choose and make it super cheap!  Find all the details from Tea Rose Home.  Sachiko started with a little something from the dollar store and some supplies she already had around the house.  That’s my kind of cheap! :)

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Turn an old window into a jewelry display…love this idea! 


Who doesn’t love a Slinky?  Add a little fun to your display with this Slinky business card holder from Alamode Stuff.


Shutters are a great way to upcycle your way to pretty display.  They set up quick and add a little style at the same time…cool colors.  This was created by Robbie Moto.

Trav Disp- Photo Album (1)

Books are a creative way to add a little something to your display.  What a perfect way to display these bookmarks.


Create a colorful chalkboard sign from an old frame.  I have lots of these and I use them for everything!

More craft show tips:

Do you have any craft show plans?  I’d love to hear about some of your display tips.

Happy weekend!



  1. says

    The slinky is way too cool! I thrift most of my display items and just update them with paint or fabric. I am also redoing my moms old suitcase into a display for my pins and bags. I used to have an old set of mini shutters, but we threw them out when we moved. Didn’t think I would ever use them. I could kick myself now.

  2. says

    I haven’t begun to sell yet, but I’ve stocked up on “props” to showcase my work. Last Christmas my husband and I purchased a vintage 7up cooler for me to display my magnets on. I also have two vintage 7up wooden crates to put my prints in.

  3. says

    Hi ,I’m new selling on craft shows,I handmade clutches and handknited scarfs.My husband built for me two wooden steps to display my clutches and I bought a body manequin for the scarfs but I find difficult to get more ideas to display my designs.I have a show next week,9′ x9′ indoor space.I usually dress my tables with a white tablecloth and a skirt in pink color(cause matches with my bussiness cards :).It will be October by then ,I wonder if I should change the color of the skirt black instead,to add drama…steps and manniquin are white,my designs are full of color ….I would appreciate more ideas.Thanks

  4. Mary Ferguson says

    I sell greeting cards make from my photography. In the past, I have just laid them on the table so everyone can see them but not an eye-catching display. I’m not sure how to display them to maximize space. I do have a lazy susan which would help but not sure on type of rack to put on it. I thought of make a rack by bending coat hangers but that would be difficult. Would you please help me with my thinking cap ’cause it is in slow motion right now!

    Love all the hints given and would love a hint too.

    From the appreciative card lady…

    • says

      Just an idea…u can take thin lines of galvanized wire & use tiny clips. The wire would need to be strung, straight across and secured to something at each end & then u can use any type of clip to clip the photos on the wires, for display. These items can be purchased at any hardware store. Display some of the photos in specific sequences, so they tell a story. Just a thought. It would also keep ur photos organized.

    • says

      I said photos, I apologize…its greeting cards. U can still apply the same idea. Or Even try using some type of shelving. Anything with shelves…old desk, table…anything. What also comes to my mind is, think of how u display the greeting cards u receive. And apply a little of that to a display idea. Not sure if any of this helps, but those were a few thoughts that came to my mind, while reading ur post.

  5. diann charles says

    Love all the wonderful display ideas. I make crochet roses. I’ve been wanting to sell rose writing pens, rose brooches and anything having to do with roses. Can’t figure out displaying ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

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