Felt Magnets – DIY Fun! {Tutorial}

felt magnets 3

Felt Magnets are a sweet and simple project…perfect for Summer Camps and sleepovers, or while you’re enjoying a little afternoon coffee break.   It’s no surprise to see another felt project on my blog, I’m sure. I love felt!

Here’s how I put together these fun little magnets…


Gather up a selection of beautiful felt for inspiration.  This is all wool felt…I love the colors!

5185403041_1a5f0d157c_b (1)

Bring out you collection of embroidery floss…more pretty colors!

felt magnets 5

You can find these business card magnets at your local office supply or craft store.  Just peel off the back and use it as a template for your background felt.

felt magnets 4

Cut you rectangle out and stitch a sweet little something on it.  Then carefully line up your felt creation and stick it to your magnet.  How easy is that?

felt magnets 1

Quick and easy felt projects never fail to make me smile!

I’m planning to make a few more to keep on hand for gifts.  Tie a few together with some pretty ribbon and you’re sure to make someone’s day.

felt magnets 6

Have you used business card magnets for any other crafts? I’d love to hear about it because I have a whole stack of them!



  1. says

    Perfect, I have a stack of those magnets that businesses hand out that I think I could apply double sided contact to and be in business with this cuteness.

  2. says

    Great idea, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to make some this summer with my (almost)8 yr old! Love using the business card magnets for it…no trimming magnets. I hate cutting magnet strips, they never want to stay for me. :)

  3. anne says

    For another variation…I stick fabric to them and use my diecut machine to then cut shapes out of it, then add embellishments …easy peasy. Also, stick on cork(thin), cut out with gingerbread shape, add a little fabric paint “icing” and viola! quick, cute tags/magnets for Christmas deco.

  4. says

    Sweet! And easy, too, I love it. If you wanted to get a little more ambitious you could needle felt a design into the piece of felt.

  5. Amber says

    My friends and I used those business card magnets for our lockers! Instead of having to fight to keep photographs on the walls among the books and whatever else, we would mount them on those and be set!

  6. Cindy says

    So sweet and colorful! I have only used the ones that sometimes come in the mail and added pictures of my kids to them, but I like the felt idea!!

  7. AGiles says

    I use those (and sometimes just magnet sheets) and use my punches to cut out different shapes and then decorate with paper. We made monster faces with googly eyes for party favors last year =)

  8. says

    These are super cute, my son’s would love the bright colours so I think I’ll make some, possibly letters of the alphabet for the fridge. Would be so much cuter than the plastic ones!

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