Simply Beautiful Craft Cabinet

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Wrap it up…I’ll take it! I love this craft cabinet!

You can turn a plain old cabinet into something useful and pretty!

The color is so cheerful that it makes me happy just looking at it. It can be customized to work for your favorite crafts and closed up when your done. This will keep all those little hands off your scissors!

This is one smart storage idea for small houses! I love it! What do you think?


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  1. says

    INCREDIBLE!!! When and if we move into a bigger place, I definitely will take this to heart and try to find something to put my stuff in. I don’t have little ones anymore, but I do have several bags of different scrapbooks and banners I’m doing – organizing would be BLISS.

    Robbin’s last blog post..A Sneak Peek

  2. Kathy says

    Looks great.

    I have a couple of questions – I assume there is a pull out table and you move the sewing machine down to it? Do you have a photo of that? I assume the sewing machine is not a HEAVY one (would hate to have to move it all the time!

    I would love to see a photo of it closed too! Great idea/work. Where do you store the rest of the fabric? I am thinking another great storage technique!!!!

    Spill the beans – describe how it all works TOGETHER please. I too love looking at work areas but without more photos or words there is too much left out and so it just confuses more I think.

  3. Sharon says

    I love this! Did you make from scratch or use an old one? Would love to know you you put it all together.

  4. Sew Wow says

    I *love* seeing other people’s craft spaces too! Especially love all the display space and cheery colors, but does this person actually sew here? Not sure this space would work as a sewing area since I’m short and have larger items to sew, but it makes for nice craft storage.

  5. says

    I love this…what a beautiful craft area.

    I just found your site….thanks for all the helpful info…I’m new to etsy and have a lot to learn.

  6. says

    I did it! I was so inspired by this article that I took my own computer armoire and moved it into my studio and now my art supplies are all organized! Plus, when I’m finished, I can just close the doors. It has the walnut finish I originally used on the piece but I’m thinking about making a bit darker to make it look more elegant. You’d never guess that once the doors are opened a Rainbow of color bursts out. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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