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I love to find great new ways to organize all my craft supplies. Having an Etsy shop keeps me busy, and I like to have everything where I can find it. Why not organize it in a pretty way? Here’s some great ideas that I ran across the other day. I know there are some scrapbooking fanatics out there that this might help!

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Give your space a creative feel by displaying some of your stamps on small, shallow shelves. These can be found in so many stores, and they’re easy to hang up. If you need help…just ask the Remodeling Guy!

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Do you remember what a Rolodex is? You can reuse an old one to hold your metal dies. Just slip them into clear card protectors and organize them by letter. Now that’s organized!

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Store your digital images so they’re easy to find, and they don’t end up lost forever on your computer. {Not that I would know anything about that.}

Make an index of the images on the discs and place them in jewel cases for easy access! This is a major time saving idea here!  I’m always searching for photos.

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Do you have trouble storing all your stamps? Keep all the unmounted stamps in an inexpensive three-ring binder. This will keep them all in one spot and easy to find. You could even put tabs to keep them sorted into catagories.

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Here’s an inexpensive way to organize your ribbon…a floss container. This is great for the tiny pieces that you have leftover from other projects. Wrap them around paper spools and sort them by color or patterns. Now they won’t be lost or damaged when you need them.

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Oh, how pretty! I love the idea of storing small buttons and embellishments in clear jars on a spice rack. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

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I always love ribbons and buttons displayed in glass jars. I found some like these for less than a dollar each at a thrift store the other day. Why buy something new when these olders ones have so much character? Using glass containers makes your “pretty things” easy to find, and turns them into beautiful craft room decor.

I hope you found something you can use to help you organize you supplies. Keep your crafting fun by storing your supplies in creative ways.

How do you organize your “craft stuff?”

If you love organization ideas… you should see this beautiful list of DIY ideas:

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  1. says

    I love those glass jars too. I have some of those bigger ones in my kitchen (estate sale $2 for 2 big ones….check those out too. You will find amazing treasures. I love thrifting).
    Once I actually have a crafting space settled, I am totally going with the clear glass jars.

    Sarah’s last blog post..Easy Pull-Apart Sticky Buns

  2. says

    How lovely, and a concept I have been working on… trial and error.
    As my beading space is in my livingroom I am always looking for great ideas to keep it looking nice. Deffinetly will be using some of these!

    Right now trying for a more uniformed look – less clutter & trying to make the ‘storage’ look more organic & ‘part’ of our everyday living… a few views of it via my blogspot!

  3. says

    So cool…my Mom just found a spice rack with the glass jars at Goodwill today to use for this! I love to find a lot of these types of jars and things there…great deals! Love these ideas! Thanks.

  4. says

    Some great ideas. Just in the process of organizing. Shelves and rolling carts work well for me. My area is small and I do more than one craft so careful use of space is very important to me.
    .-= Rosalie McGough´s last blog ..Twitter FTW- =-.

  5. Lisa Blansett says

    I love scented candles and find that many of them are sold in GLASS JARS with lids. Simply get the remaining wax out and run through the dishwasher. I have more now that I will ever be able to use, I think!!

  6. says

    Okay, wow! I was reading this post and absorbing the inspiration and was super excited when I saw the last picture! The jar in front with the yellow buttons is the EXACT same jar I used for buttons! Now I don’t have enough to fill it though, so they are in one of those sectioned bins sorted by color.


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