How-To: Photograph Your Work For Sale On Etsy

Second only to having a good product, product photography is hands down the most important part of increasing your sales on Etsy!


There are some truly helpful articles posted at The Storque on this subject and I’ll give you some links at the end of the post if you want to read more in depth. Here are a few tips I found especially interesting.

Good Etsy Product Photography

  • Should attract people to your items – When your product shows up on the front page or in a showcase, people might only look at it for a flash. Your photograph needs to be powerful enough to cause them to linger a second longer. Then, if they’re interested, they’ll click.
  • Should answer questions about the products – how big is it, what does it feel like, how does it look in its intended environment? You can answer these questions with good pictures!
  • Should make your products “pop” – Good use of backgrounds, both color and texture, can make all the difference in focusing the attention on your product in a natural, pleasing, and impressive way!
  • Should accurately represent colors – you can accomplish this either by adjusting the EV balance on your digital camera or using an editing software such as Photoshop Elements (which is very useful for an Etsy seller)
  • Works with Etsy photograph parameters – Etsy will make your photographs 430 pixels wide, so be sure that they work at that size.  You can resize photographs in your photo editing software or online at a site such as  Also keep in mind that Etsy will crop a square image from the center of your image for use in thumbnails.

Use a Lightbox

While I’ve never tried this personally, there seems to be widespread agreement that a “lightbox” is a great tool for photographing small items, such as jewelry. There are quite a few of these available on the market for purchase. But it seems like anyone capable of making something to sell on Etsy would be capable of whipping one of these up home-made style. See this Storque article on how to make a lightbox.

Check Out This Video

This video was originally posted on The Storque at Etsy. It shows some great tips for photography of your merchandise.

Great Resources

Here are a couple of really helpful articles that can get you moving along in the right direction:

Photographing for Success at The Storque

Photographing Items – Etsy Wiki


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    as an avid fan and shopper of etsy- I can’t agree more that a good picture is KEY!! They catch my, they are what cause me to follow the link in a subject search (ie red towels, etc) and they are the ones I feature on my blogs. Some people don’t even do something as easy as edit their photo- with a free and easy service like picasa- which has one butten editing – i’m feeling lucky. Focus on those pictures!!!! (pun intended. 😉 )

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    Wow Kim, good post. Even though I don’t have an Etsy shop, I learned so much from this video. You are so good at sharing what you find to help others!!
    Good job!

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    With two small children (4 and 7mths) I was not always able to get outside to photograph as I usually work at night when it is dark. I took a wall mount shelf, you know the ones you get for your bathroom with three shelves. It is all white with a white beadboard backing. I set up two clip on lights with daylight lightbulbs. It works perfectly for my wallets and I have it set up in the studio in a way that it works for organizing what needs to be photographed and what needs to be packaged. So much easier than lugging things outside or chasing the light around the house.

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    Photos are so important, thanks for the tips on this video they will help in whatever you are working with. Also the information on getting traffic to your site. Informative blog post.


  1. […] The forum’s have a great post on photography tips.  I found a good blogger that talks about the problems with taking pictures.  She apparently had a hard time in the beginning as well and actually stopped selling on etsy until she was more confident and learned more about taking good pictures.  She gives lot of great examples of before and after of what she’s done after learning how to take good pics.  Read her post – it’s very helpful!  Another great blog on photography here. […]

  2. […] 6. Photograph Your Products – Take multiple shots of each item and edit them to stand out in a crowd…not blend.  You can use free software like You might want to check out How To Photograph Your Work for Sale on Etsy. […]

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