A Lovely Craft Room


Isn’t this beautiful? It honestly looks like something out of a love story…pretty, pretty, pretty!

This beautiful studio belongs to designer Margo Tantau. And I’m jealous!


We spent all day going through boxes and boxes that we’ve had stored away for so long. There’s always something I save that ends up getting a little messed up or cracked while being moved around in those big plastic bins. It made me think about how I tend to save some things that I really like all wrapped up and out of sight. Does anyone else do this?

If you have something you love, you should use it! I plan on using some of the vintage items I rediscoved to hold some of my craft supplies.

I didn’t find anything like the cabinet in the photo above, but I know someone that can make new things look old…Remodeling Guy, my sweet husband. I love that look!


Old toolboxes make a great storage container. I’ve even seen them mounted on the wall before. They can be used for storing just about anything and they have character, don’t you think?


Plates and dishes can be used to display pretty little baubles as inspiration.

I found a beautiful glass bowl and some vintage jars today while I was sorting through our treasures {a.k.a. junk}. They didn’t make it to the garage sale pile!

Take a look around you house and see what you find. Talk about saving money…this is the way to go! Have you rediscovered anything fun lately? Did you look in the closet?

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  1. says

    I must have missed or skipped over when you mentioned The Remodeling Guy being your husband. That is so awesome. Between the two of your, your house and creations must be amazing! You need your own show.

  2. says

    That last image is stunning.

    I have the same issue with storing away nice things. My mom & I chatted and think we both do it because we remember a time when the family was too poor to get anything new, so we didn’t use the nice things we had for fear we’d never be able to afford anything nice to replace them when they became worn out or used up.

    I’m going back through my things {slowly} too & so far have found a few little wire baskets, an aqua ceramic frame, and a set of canisters I think will look lovely in my workspace.

    :) Cath

  3. says

    Boy I love your post today. I love it when things are stored creatively. I have way too many plastic bins…but I love the chippy paint looking pieces of furniture. Just beautiful. You have the most inspirational posts….at least I dream of rearranging things! Big smile.\

  4. Mona says

    I love the lamp – I haven’t seen anything like it before. It looks like it is storage of some type – marbles? thread bobbins? My curosity is getting the best of me.


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