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I’m kinda stuck on pincushions right now! I featured Heather Bailey’s beautiful studio recently and fell in love with her strawberry pincushions. Now, I don’t sew too much, but I had to make one for myself. Isn’t it cute? I love just looking at it!


I used a Heather Bailey pattern to make it, and it was super easy.  Maybe I’ll try the pear next.

I started noticing pincushions everywhere, so I’ll share a few of these beauties with you.  Beware…you could become addicted!


Jessica at How About Orange made these cute little pincushions. She’ll show you how to make one on her blog. You won’t believe what she uses for the base!

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This wildflower pincushion pattern can be found at Better Homes and Gardens. I’d love to see one in a black and white damask pattern!

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Have you ever seen a pincushion ring? This was a first for me…ya gotta love Etsy!  Art Nest Shop has made pincushions fashionable!

I was blown away by Tip Nut’s post with 60 pincushion tutorials! WOW!

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Martha Stewart has a video tutorial on making a fabulous tea cup pincushion from old sweaters!

Now I just need her giant craft studio so I can store all my supplies nice and neat. I don’t think she would approve of my overflowing basket method of storage!

A little history {which I’m sure you have always wanted to know} for you

Pincushions were first recorded in history during the Tudor reign in 15th century England. Metal pins were a very costly and precious items in those early days and before the 15th century were kept in small cases made of bone, ivory, or silver.

During the Tudor era, simple stuffed shapes started to be used instead of the cases. They began by being made of colorful and elaborately decorated silks and linens, replete with tassels and laces.During the Victorian era there was a great deal of emphasis on the parlor room and it became the perfect place in which to display the novelty pincushions of the era. Pincushions were made in the shape of shoes, fans, dolls, teacups, umbrellas, fruits, and vegetables. They were hung on the walls or placed on occasional tables. {Click here for even more info.}

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And what would a post about pincushion love be without one more photo of strawberry pincushions??? It would take me forever to make this many, but it might just be worth it. Heather Bailey {Should I just start a fan club, or what?} has pincushion kits available to make it easier for you.

Another great gift idea…


This title of this book says it all…Pretty Little Pincushions. It’s full of beautiful photos and ideas…kinda like fuel for creative folks!

Sometimes I’m all about decorating the house or creating an oasis in my backyard, but right now I’m sewing pincushions!  I love projects that can be done in a hour!  I might have a short attention span. :-)

What kind of stuff are you stuck on?

I’m joining Julia at Hooked on Houses for Hooked on Fridays…Check it out for yourself!


  1. says

    I love these pincushions and I had forgotten that I wanted to make some as little gifts this year. I ran right over to How About Orange (and mentioned that I came over from here) and saw her easy tutorial. It’s great! I love the strawberries and may want to do that, too. Thanks!

  2. says

    I LOVE the strawberry pincushions!!! I noticed it in the studio post and thought was adorable. I have a friend who loves strawberries, and collects them — this would be a perfect gift for her. I will have to explore this further!!! Blessings!

  3. says

    The strawberry pin cushions are adorable!! I love how the heads of the pins look like the seeds :-)

    The pin cushion ring is really cool. Must be convenient to literally have pins at your fingertips :-)


  4. says

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE these. They are so gorgeous and colourful! I’d buy a bunch just to have them and display them in various places – forget the pins!

    The strawberries look great inside the glass…. and that pear… I WANT one.

    I see I have a new Etsian to add to my favourites!

    Thanks for showing them to us!

    Linda. :)

  5. says

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful Etsy finds. These pincushions are beautiful! I always love reading your blog and seeing what you have to share. I don’t even know where to begin on Etsy! There are so many stores! I appreciate all of your research!
    ~The Fruitful Vine Lady

  6. says

    Oh, how cute! I don’t think I’d be able to use them, though. I love the round ones with the embroidery, but I could easily be convinced to gather a whole fruit basket of pin cushions.

  7. lorraine heumann says

    i’m a 78 yr.old woman who has been sewing since i was about 10…i’m to give a talk at my local quilt guild in april
    the subject is the history of pincushions…i just love all of yours…your work is outstanding…i giggled at the comment about not many women are sewing anymore…
    not true…did you know there are over 20,000,000 quilters in the u.s. alone…believe me we’re still sewing everyday…and loving every minute of it..hugs, lorraine

  8. rosie says

    looking for golf tee pin cushion pattern,
    fits in thole in your spool of thread.
    love all the ideas


  1. […] pinned the strips together and started sewing them together one at a time. I got to use my little strawberry pincushion that I made a couple months ago. It helped me to at least look like I knew what I was […]

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