USPS To Lower Rates and Endicia Announces Pay-on-Use Return Labels

Endicia Pay On Use Returns

Shipping costs are dropping! Now there is something you don’t hear every day! I guess I won’t really be fully convinced until I see it happen, but the information couldn’t have come from a better source. We were on a call the other day with Endicia talking about their new “pay when your customer uses it”… [read more]

16 Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers


Etsy sellers create some of the prettiest packaging ever!  First impressions make an impact, and everyone loves to open up a box to find something wrapped with a little extra care and love. Awesome packaging can really make your products stand out!  When I’m shopping on Etsy pretty packaging can be that final little nudge… [read more]

Easy Shipping for Etsy Sellers

stamps.cometsyshipping3.jpg makes it super easy to send out all your packages with this nifty little scale and lots of other goodies. There’s one thing that has always driven me crazy about selling everything online…going to the post office.  It can take forever!  A couple months ago I started using and shipping everything right from… [read more]

USPS Shipping Assistant Makes Life A Little Easier!


Compare pricing, determine postage, print labels and more right from your PC. One of the not-so-fun parts of success on Etsy can be the trips to the post office! Our local branch sometimes get backed-up with lines that run right out the door! It can take as much as an hour on a really bad… [read more]