21 Ways to Increase Your Etsy Sales


Are you looking to increase your sales?  That’s a funny question, right?  I know everyone would love to have 5 extra sales this week! I’ve compiled a list of tips that I hope will help you get off to a great start or improve your sales.  It’s not rocket science, but you do have to… [read more]

Success on Etsy {It’s a Sure Thing}


Being successful on Etsy is a sure thing. Hmmpfff…you say? Don’t scoff, it’s a true statement. Would you doubt any of these statements? Someone is going to move-in to the new house being built down the block. My husband is going to get a speeding ticket because he always drives 20mph over the limit. I… [read more]

20 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop with Discounts


Do you want to increase your sales and profits? I know that’s a no-brainer question, but are you doing anything to promote your sales? Having a great product is a start, but you have to sell it to be successful! Discount codes and sales are a popular way to help someone go from a “maybe… [read more]

Focus On Your Fans {Etsy Business}


Is your existing contact list an untapped goldmine? Is your product something that you truly believe is helpful, inspiring, entertaining, or otherwise useful? If your answers are “probably” and “yes” respectively then I’ve got something for you to think about. My thoughts were inspired by a post I read this morning at the blog of… [read more]

Slow Sales? Spice It Up With 10 Easy Tips!


{MiMi Nouveau} When sales slow down, it’s time to spice up your shop! For whatever reason, everyone experiences slow times with their shops. Take advantage of this time and prepare for those sales to come. You’ll be glad you did! Here’s a few tips to get you going…in no particular order. 1. Spice up the… [read more]

Using Keyword Research to Improve Etsy Sales


Did you know that Etsy Shops perform extremely well on Google? The Etsy site as a whole has quite a bit of authority in the eyes of major search engines which can absolutely translate into sales for you! The most important part of the equation is in the wording you add to your Etsy shop.… [read more]