Cathe Holden’s Inspired Barn & Workshops


Cathe Holden has always been an inspiration to me, and now she’s offering workshops to share a little of her creativity with others that are fortunate enough to live near her in California.  After seeing her new Inspired Barn you might want to hop a plane and head there from wherever you’re located…it’s crazy beautiful!… [read more]

Live A Colorful Life {Free Printable in 5 Color Schemes}


Looking for a cool printable to add some color to your space and a bit of encouragement to your day? Here you go! We created these just for Everything Etsy readers. Free for non-commercial use only. Letter — 8×10 — 4×6

Reusable Gift Bags – Great Tutorials!

Reusable gift bags can make your gifts more memorable this Christmas! They are pretty enough to be a gift all by themselves. These bags are quick to sew and add that special touch to whatever you’re giving. And they’re a green alternative to wrapping paper because the can be used over and over again! Talk… [read more]