Pom Pom Garland & My Crafty Workspace


Pom Pom Garland There’s nothing like getting ready to take photos and realizing that it’s a super cloudy, rainy day…bummer.  Anyway, just imagine these photos with beautiful natural light shining through the window…ha! It all started with the pom pom garland I made awhile back that I planned to use for a party.  Well, that… [read more]

The Best Hair Ties Ever {Tutorial}


The Best Hair Ties Ever! There’s always a time when you need to put your hair up!  You will want to make a million of these because they definitely are the BEST HAIR TIES EVER! They won’t pull your hair, they’re adjustable, they can be made in any color, wear one or wear three, they… [read more]

Island Style Craft Studio – Palm Tree Princess


Let me just start off by saying “I’m sorry” to all of you that are having snow or freezing rain at this moment.  Maybe this beautiful island craft studio will brighten your day a bit. The lights, the colors…It works for me! This cheerful studio belongs to Desiree from Palm Tree Princess located in….Hawaii! Desiree… [read more]