Inspirational Quotes on Etsy


I always need a little pick me up after a busy holiday weekend!  I hope you are all enjoying a little spring weather by now…it’s starting to be beautiful here in Florida. Here’s a bit of inspiration from a few creative shops on Etsy.  Decorating your home with inspirational art or carrying around an inspiring… [read more]

Downton Abbey on Etsy


Yes, I am a serious fan of Downton Abbey.  When I watched that first episode I had no idea I was not going to miss a single episode ever, and that I would find myself quoting the characters in everyday life.  Of course, I decided to see what awesome handmade Downton Abbey treasures I could… [read more]

Valentine’s Day Wreaths on Etsy


Valentine’s Day wreaths are so pretty, don’t you think?!  They vary in style, but they all celebrate the holiday with love.  You can decorate your front door with a fabulous yarn wreath or add a vintage book page heart to your living room décor. You can’t go wrong! Valentine’s Day wreaths on Etsy are a… [read more]

2013 Calendars on Etsy


Who doesn’t love a fresh calendar full of pretty photos or colorful art??  The most creative calendars on earth can be found on Etsy!  Treat yourself to a beautiful calendar to start your new year off right.  You deserve it after the hectic holiday season.  Here are a few of the fabulous calendars available right… [read more]

DIY Gifts on Etsy


Handmade gifts rule!  You can’t go wrong with one of these DIY gifts found on Etsy!  Create something special to give or wrap up one of these cool kits for a crafty friend.  Spread the happiness with a little handmade holiday fun! {Felt Mermaid Pattern – Handmade and Craft} {Christmas Coaster Kit – Red Gate… [read more]

Christmas Cards on Etsy


{Bubby and Bean} Christmas cards are a special part of the holidays.  They’re fun to give and receive!  It’s that time of year when I start thinking about what kind of cards we’ll send out this year.  You won’t believe the cute cards I found!  There are so many beautiful handmade cards on Etsy…why would… [read more]

Handmade Gift Wrap {Etsy Love}


Wrap up your gifts with handmade wrapping supplies! I love beautiful packages under the tree!  You will love the selection of gift wrapping available on Etsy and it can all be delivered right to your door.  Why go with boring old paper when your gifts can shine with style?? Christmas Tree Burlap Gift Bags  {Four… [read more]

The Thanksgiving Table {Etsy Love}


The Thanksgiving table is such a special part of Thanksgiving!  Details can make such a lasting impression, and I’ve found some fabulous ways you can add a little something extra to your table this year.  Handmade and Thanksgiving go together perfectly! Enjoy these lovely finds on Etsy… {Large Serving Spoons – Milk and Honey} {Thanksgiving… [read more]