Craft Room Ideas You’ll Love!

Craft Room Ideas You'll Love l

I love creative craft room ideas!  I’ve featured so many lovely craft room here, and I’ve found a few fresh ideas to share with you this week.  Some of them will have you running to the store in search of wallpaper, and others will make you want to build a studio in your backyard.

Even if you’re not planning to do a major overhaul of your crafty space, there’s always a creative touch here and there you’ll want to try.

Shop around your house first and bring in thing you love.  I enjoy being surrounded by pretty and inspiring treasures.  I know you have a few that would be perfect right near your creative space…whether it’s a desk in the corner of the room or a whole studio.

Craft Room Ideas You’ll Love

craft room ideas - wrapping station

Everything in its place…create designated areas just for special crafts, sewing or packaging.  This wrapping station is BEAUTIFUL!

craft room ideas - inspiration

Create an inspiration board!  Inspire creativity with ideas, printables and cool things you find everyday.

craft room ideas - wallpaper

Wallpaper??  It’s back!  Decorate a small spot with amazing wallpaper or fabric hanging.  It’s the perfect way to add instant style to your creative corner!

Need a weekend project?  Try one of these…7 Simple DIY Projects for Your Craft Room!

craft room ideas - organized

Ohhhh, this space is so organized and beautiful.  It’s makes me want to go on a vintage shopping spree for creative containers.  You might have a few of these in your attic already.  What’s old is new again, right?!

Need more organization?  Check out 22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room.

craft room ideas - chalkboard

This takes chalkboard walls to a whole new level!  It’s perfect!  I want shelves on a chalkboard wall, don’t you?

You’ll find more creative chalkboard ideas here…Organize Your Craft Room with 8 Quick DIY Projects.

craft room ideas - jars

Work with what you have!  Create beautiful storage containers with upcycled jars…pretty, pretty, pretty!

You’ll love this post…13 Great Ways to Organize with Repurposed Finds!

craft room ideas - domino

Who wouldn’t love a space all to yourself?  Check out this amazing studio, and start dreaming about what your studio would look like.  Of course mine would need door like these! {Kelly Rutherford l Los Angeles}

25 Beautiful Craft Rooms on EverythingEtsy

Need a ton of craft room inspiration???  Here it is…25 Beautiful Craft Room!

We love creative spaces!  Do you have a favorite storage idea or craft room idea to share?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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    I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, but I’m in love with these rooms and am finding lots of fun ideas for my home office…great post, Kim!

  2. says

    After months of a kitchen renovation I’m getting my sewing and storage space back. I’m elated to start decorating and adding those small personal touches to my renewed space. These are a wonderful inspiration.

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