7 Simple Shorts Sewing Patterns

7 Simple Shorts Patterns on EverythingEtsy.com - Free DIY Tutorials for Summer!

It’s the perfect time of year to spruce up your wardrobe with some of these free simple shorts patterns!  Why settle for the same old shorts when you can make a few of these creative ideas in an afternoon??

Turn a scarf into shorts, or sew up some with fancy lace…ooh la la!

Keep cool with these easy-to-follow ideas…

7 Simple Shorts Sewing Patterns

simple shorts - scarf pattern

DIY Scarf Print Shorts – A Pair and a Spare

simple shorts by freshly completed

Simple Shorts Tutorial – Freshly Completed

simple shorts - knot shorts

Knot Shorts Pattern – Grosgrain

simple shorts - diy pattern

DIY Shorts – Elle Frost

simple shorts - pants to shorts

DIY Pants to Shorts – Darling Adventures

simple shorts - racer

Simple Racer Shorts for Girls or Boys – Dana Made It

simple shorts - lace

DIY Lace Shorts – Sincerely Kinsey

Looking for more summer sewing ideas???  Have no fear, I’ve got a ton of tutorials you’ll love!


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That ought to keep you busy for awhile!  Have fun!


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