15 Great Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop

15 Great Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop l EverythingEtsy.com

When I see someone making beautiful things I instantly want to share why they NEED an Etsy shop!  Not in a pushy way…but in a helpful, eye-opening kind of way.  Are you a creative person that likes the idea of selling some of your pretty things?  Etsy is the perfect spot for you to share your creations with the world…in a big way!

Here are a few great reasons to start an Etsy shop…well, maybe a few more than a few.

  1. Do you dream of selling your handmade items for a living one day?  Start now!
  2. You can open an Etsy shop in minutes!
  3. Are you super creative and looking for extra income?  An Etsy shop can help you earn that extra money…even if you just want to buy more craft supplies with it!
  4. Etsy is the first site many people will visit when they’re searching for handmade items.  It’s well known already!
  5. Do you want to stay home with your children and work from home?  This couldn’t be more perfect!
  6. Etsy is a trusted name which helps you sell more.
  7. Starting an Etsy shop is one of the fastest ways to start sharing and selling your creations with the world!  A website is great, but an Etsy shop is a simple way to begin.
  8. You’ll have stats to help you see which keywords are working for your products.  You’ll be able to easily find out what brings people to your shop and do more of that!
  9. It’s easy to try out selling new products without a big investment.
  10. Etsy is a great spot to start perfecting your photos, descriptions and more.  Practice makes perfect!
  11. There’s feedback that shows potential buyers just how much your customers love you.
  12. Want to have a spot to send craft show customers?  This will work!
  13. You’ll find teams in every niche to join and gain feedback on your products.  Great friends can be made here.
  14. You can be discovered by magazines and retail stores searching on Etsy for great products.  There are many success stories!
  15. Do you like the idea of waking up to sales and money in your account?  I love it!  Your shop sells for you 24 hours a day.

You would think I worked for Etsy by reading this list, but I don’t.  I actually started an Etsy shop to sell felt hair clips in 2008 to earn a little extra money for Christmas gifts.  My life has been changing ever since.  Now I work with my husband full-time on our handmade business, handmade blogs and our new community for makers…HandmadeTickle.com.

I see so many creative people with huge potential, and we would love to help you grow your dreams into an amazing future!

There are countless reasons why you should start an Etsy shop, but this should give you a few ideas.

Have an Etsy shop already?  I’d love to hear why you started!




  1. says

    I started Cute Fluffin Stitch because I fell in love with sewing, and it was such a creative outlet for me, which I desperately needed! And when I saw etsy, I just put two and two together, and figured this was a way to pay for my hobby!

  2. Carin says

    I really like etsy and just exploring all the wonderful things there but I’ve had no luck with my store, I’ve tried changing keywords and titles and all that but I don’t even show up in searches so I have no keywords in stats to go by and that is what a lot of places focus on when they say how to figure out what works.

  3. says

    I started my Crafting Tree Etsy shop after making purses for family and friends as a way to get my product out there to a larger audience. My shop has evolved throughout the years, but I’ve found my niche making infinity scarves that are also nursing covers. The response of buyers on Etsy to this product has been amazing. I love sewing, and I love receiving feedback from happy customers! Sales aren’t as strong as I would like, but they are steady, so I’m happy.

    • says

      Sara! Wonderful! I also love the thought of people enjoying something I’ve created…and they can be on the other side of the world! Isn’t that part awesome? Could you leave a link to your shop here? I’d love to see you scarves!


  4. says

    Love this post. I opened my Etsy shop in July, started my blog in November and have been consistently improving my forms of social media and marketing ever since. It’s a total learning process and the ability to get creative and test out new products on my shop is why I love it so much. I hope to one day turn this into something more full time as right now I split my hours between a full time career and my shop!

    Check Out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwineWithATwist for more on my shop!

    What is your shop, I love to check new ones out!! Xo!

    • says

      your shop is really cute. I started in 2011 with a totally different product than I’m making now. It takes time but if you just stick with it you’ll see your business grow over time. Best of success to you.

  5. says

    This list is a great reminder of the reasons that I started my handmade quilled paper decor shop, The Papery Craftery! It’s less than a year old, but I’ve learned so much and I love every bit if it!! Thanks!

  6. says

    I started my etsy shop because we were starting the adoption process, and it seemed like a great way to make some extra money for our adoption expenses. Let me tell you… it has been a blessing! And a fun creative outlet for me too! I have also been able to help other adoptive families through my shop. 4onemore.etsy.com :)

  7. says

    I only just started my Etsy shop a month ago. I love to craft and made lots of lovely things as gifts for family and friends. They always said, “You should make these and sell them!” So that’s what I’ve done. I would like to make a little extra money for our family’s expenses.

    Anyhoo, no sales yet, but I’ve joined Handmade Tickle in the hopes that I might be able to learn something to help me sell some of my pretty things.

  8. Patty Andrea says

    Sapphire Island started because I have been carrying around and/or storing my beads and vintage finds forever (some of my stuff has been with me since the 60’s!) I decided it was time to part ways with all those things I love, but I didn’t want to just garage sale them. I started putting glass beads on shells and rocks when we lived in Costa Rica and it just evolved from there. I made some beaded boxes for friends and family and when my sister mentioned “Etsy”, I thought, sign me up! I opened a little over a week ago (2 sales already!) and I work every day at learning how to better my listings, promote my shop and how to photograph my items (shiny things are crazy-hard for me!) Oh, and I read “Everything Etsy” for great advice : – )

  9. says

    I have been designing and knitting for my 8 siblings, 32 nieces/nephews and 14 great nieces/nephews for quite a few years now. One of my nieces said to me, “Aunt Joanie, you should sell your patterns on Etsy”. So, I started an Etsy shop ~ I am so glad I did. I am really enjoying the trip. ♥

  10. says

    I started my Etsy Shop in 2011 and couldn’t be happier! Mu ultimate goal was to be able to work from home and still supplement income for our family. It’s been a learning process but am glad that I am taking the risk of working from home and being able to LOVE what I do…

    Check out my shop here –> http://www.etsy.com/shop/alldiapercakes

  11. says

    I was reading your list and saw it was almost all the reasons I chose Etsy for my foray into online selling. My shop, Darlin Girl Creations, is on Etsy and I love all you mentioned plus their built in shipping labels and no hassles with a credit merchant set up or anything. It’s so self-contained, it’s terrific! And as you mentioned, it evolves. One of your readers commented on how what she sold on her shop at first isn’t what she sells now, and I’m in such a transition right now myself. I adore Etsy, and it’s the perfect starting point for someone who wants to start selling handmade. In my case, I started last fall to see if this is something I can do to supplement my retirement in a few years, and thanks to Etsy, I am learning that this is definitely a viable option, so I am building my shop business now so it can be my full-time focus when I retire from my day job. I love Etsy!! Thanks for the really good article!

  12. says

    I started selling my vintage linens on Etsy in 2009 because I was definitely heading for a feature on the TV show Hoarders. I had closets and drawers full of vintage linens stashed away. I’ve made quite a dent in my collection and have met the most amazing, supportive group of people (both buyers and sellers) that I’ve ever encountered in my life. Plus, I’ve connected with hundreds of people that are equally passionate (OK crazy) about Mid Century linens. I guess I feel validated that my hard work was not all for naught. Selling on Etsy was the best decision I’ve made.

    My shop is NeatoKeen:https://www.etsy.com/shop/NeatoKeen

  13. Jamie Wilcox says

    I’ve wanted to set up an Etsy shop for a long time and here’s what’s held me back. I don’t have a CLUE as to setting up a website! It just seems overwhelming — any suggestions on how to get started getting past this hurdle? Any ideas would be welcomed! :)

  14. Alivia says

    I had thought about opening an Etsy shop when it first showed up on the internet. I really wish I would have! I had so many things to sell back then! The only reason I didn’t was because it was do new, I hadn’t heard much about it and honestly some things on the internet worry me. Should of went with my gut feeling!! Anyway, I’m starting all over again with my crafting and am planning on opening shop now. I’m glad I found this page! Thank you! I’ll definitely be coming back for more encouragement and inspiration!

  15. Tiffany says

    I have been debating opening an Etsy shop with my daughter. But it’s scary! What if no one likes your product? What if our product isn’t handmade “enough”? We don’t create anything from scratch. We take something and paint it and decorate it to make it useful and beautiful. Some of our family & friends have told us we should open a shop & sell our items. But they are friends & family. They may be just saying those things to be nice.

    Anyone else have to overcome their fear of putting themselves out there?

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