Create Valentine’s Day Cards with My Mind’s Eye

Create Valentine's Day Cards with My Mind's Eye l Create your own Valentine’s Day cards and have a blast!  I recently received a collection of My Mind’s Eye scrapbooking supplies and my first idea was to make a bunch of beautiful cards for Valentine’s Day.  Seriously, these creative goodies made it so easy and I love how they turned out.

I invited my mom over to have a little card making party!  She’s good at this kind of thing…and she IS the one that actually taught me how to make handmade valentines when I was little.  So why not share this beautiful stash of glittery goodness!!

My Mind's Eye -

See what I mean by glittery???  Pretty!

Valentine's Day Card Making with My Mind's Eye l

I had the table covered in cards, washi tape, stickers and a ton of pretty paper!

Valentine's Day Card Supplies -

I love, love, love all the arrows!!

card making day

Making cards is messy business!

Time to make Valentine's Day cards -

Many of these supplies are stickers and we only used a simple glue stick every so often.  It was simple!  My mom made about 10 more cards than I did, but I took some photos…so that’s my excuse.

heart cards 4

See the full collection of Cupid’s Arrow here and Lost & Found supplies here.

I hope you’ll take some time to make a few Valentine’s Day cards this year!  It really is fun…and when there are beautiful supplies out there like these, it makes it so much easier to be creative!

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!



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    I just love these!! I especially love My Mind’s Eye stuff…I have to get going on my Valentine’s cards!! These look awesome. It’s always good to have some fun time with your mom. I wish my daughter enjoyed crafting. :(

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