7 DIY Wallet Patterns


I’m big on small projects like these easy DIY wallet patterns!  Simple sewing tutorials rock!  They’re a fun way to use up small pieces of designer fabric and you’re finished in minutes.  What’s not to love??

Once you start making these you’ll want to whip up a few, so mix it up with more than one of this collection of free patterns.

7 DIY Wallet Patterns

iPhone wallet inside

Iphone Wallet Tutorial – My 3 Monsters


Organizer Wallet Tutorial – LBG Studio


Summertime Wallet – Midwestern Girl

18 final

Credit Card Wallet – My So Called Green Life

patchwork wallet edit2

Patchwork-y Bifold Wallet – All Wrapped Up


Bi-fold Wallet – Modest Maven

Don’t miss this Zipper Card Pouch from Craft Passion!

Now, the hard part will be choosing the fabric…good luck with that!!!

Looking for more simple sewing projects???  Check out 101 Sewing Tutorials for Winter & 101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer…that ought to keep you busy!!

What’s you favorite kind of sewing project?  Do you love large quilts or something you can do in an hour?




  1. Elle says

    Can you please email me the print pattern for the iphone case? For some reason i am not able to print them out. Thanks alot!

  2. Jeanne says

    Hey Kim, I love your designs and tutorials, but I don’t/can’t sew. For us non-sewers (I’m sure I’m not alone), would you consider having occasional projects using the non-sewer’s friends: Stitch Witchery (my go-to hemming technique), fabric glue, Velcro, etc.? Or a posting on tips to substitute these things for sewing would be oh so wonderful.

    Thanks for considering this request!

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