Pride and Prejudice on Etsy

This post is for all the book lovers out there. It’s all about Pride and Prejudice today.

I hope you all have a chance to curl up with a good book this weekend.  I know many of you are having super cold weather and are spending the weekend inside, all nice and cozy.

Enjoy these lovely Etsy finds…


{Pride and Prejudice Vintage Book – Eager for Word}


{Jane Austen Quote – Hair Brained Schemes}


{Jane Austen Locket – Busy Beez and Chickadeez}

handmade and craft on etsy - jane austen

{Jane Austen Tote – Handmade and Craft}


{Jane Austen Book Purse – Novel Creations}


{Pemberley Note Cards – Pemberley Pond}

I guess if you don’t have a book to read you can always shop…ha!  Either one works for me!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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