The Best Hair Ties Ever {Tutorial}

The Best Hair Ties Ever {Tutorial} on

The Best Hair Ties Ever!

There’s always a time when you need to put your hair up!  You will want to make a million of these because they definitely are the BEST HAIR TIES EVER!

They won’t pull your hair, they’re adjustable, they can be made in any color, wear one or wear three, they can be worn as colorful bracelets, they fit in your pocket nice, they’re cheap, they’re easy to make, and they’re great little handmade gifts.

How about that for a few reasons to give this tutorial a try??  You will love them, trust me!  I’ve been using them for months and I can’t say enough nice things about them. 

So, let me show you how to make a batch in just minutes…

Hair Tie Supplies {Tutorial}

Gather up some pretty supplies.

Hair Tie Supplies {DIY}

I store extra elastic on extra large tags to keep it from getting out of shape.

Colorful Elastic

You can find the following supplies at Elastic House.  {This is not a sponsored post. I just thought I’d share this to save you time searching for the right supplies.}

  • 5/8” Fold Over Elastic {50 colors available}
  • 3/8” Black Glitter Elastic
  • Heart Shape Ribbon Sliders {for sparkle}
  • Paper Tags {2 1/4” x 4”} – I make them with my cool little machine!

Add a little sparkle

I love, love, love the little heart sliders and need to order more!The Best Hair Ties Ever! {DIY on}

Here’s how you can make these…

Measure about 8 1/2” of elastic.  Fold it in half and while holding both ends together, tie a simple knot.  Do not pull it too tight so you can adjust it later if desired.  Make sure it fits nice on your tag…you don’t want it too tight or it will bend it all up. 

Once you have the right size just trim the end on an angle for a finished look.

To add a little sparkle you can slide a heart shaped slider on before you fold and tie.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Everyone can use a little sparkle!

That’s it…simple & sweet!

Hair Ties Tutorial

I made some of these for gifts last Christmas.  I wrote “hair ties” on the tag and slid them into a small plastic bag. {I would show photos but the glare off the plastic wasn’t pretty.}

The Best Hair Ties Ever! {Tutorial} on EverythingEtsy

These are simple enough to make all you want.

Pretty enough to wear jogging or for an evening out.

Add a few together for a fun look, or wear them as bracelets!

You will love them!



    • says

      Ha…I made a bunch and now I find them in my pockets and in the car. :) At least I don’t worry about not having a way to put my hair up now. :)

      Have fun making them!


    • says


      I gave some to all different age groups at Christmas. The little ones wore the same size, but their mom just looped it around one more time. It looked beautiful!

      I do make sure to leave the knot loose enough to be untied and made smaller if that’s what they need. If you look close at the knots in the photo of colorful ties above you will see what I mean. Keeping the knot loose also makes them look a little prettier on the gift tag. :)

      I hope that helps!


  1. Pauline says

    I think these are lovely. Perfect for myself in black and pretty in the rainbow colours for my daughter. I was wondering where you purchased the adorable heart sliders from? I would love to see what is available out there. Thanks for all your great tutorials.

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