25 Glitter Projects for Crafty Chicks

25 Glitter Projects for Crafty Chicks on EverythingEtsy.com

A little extra sparkle is always a good thing!  Glitter Projects are super fast, pretty and perfect for making girls of any age smile.

Need a sparkly pair of shoes?  Want to make an unforgettable gift?  Need a little bling for your hair?  No problem!

Make the world a little more beautiful with one of these DIY Glitter Projects…

  1. DIY Glitter Vases – The Sweetest Occasion
  2. Sparkle Tote Bag & Notebook – Lauren Conrad
  3. Glitter Bow Necklace – Prudent Baby
  4. DIY Glittered Chevron Canvas – Penny Pincher Fashion
  5. Glitter Bobby Pins – The Beauty Department
  6. DIY Glitter Tape – Pugly Pixel
  7. Glitter Candles – Brunch at Saks
  8. DIY Glitter Lamp Shade – Stars for Streetlights
  9. Glittered Heart T-Shirt – The Pleated Poppy
  10. Glitter Glassware – Inspired Design and Create
  11. DIY Glitter Sign – The Budget Babe
  12. Glitter Shoes – Hearts & Craft Boutique
  13. DIY Glitter Desk – Jinx in the Sky
  14. Glitter Playdough – The Chronicles of Home
  15. DIY Glitter Keds – Teen Vogue
  16. Glitter Dot Party Swizzle Sticks – The Sweetest Occasion
  17. Glitter Pendant Necklace – Artsy Fartsy Mama
  18. DIY Glitter Toms – Lil Blue Boo
  19. Glitter Earring Posts – A Splendid Assemblage
  20. Glittered Gift Tags – Nice Party
  21. DIY Glitter Barrettes – Tales of the Scotts
  22. Glittered Sunglasses – La Vie En Rose
  23. DIY Glitter Frame – Domestic Charm
  24. Stardust Glitter Magnets – Pugly Pixel
  25. DIY Glitter Clutch – I am Style-ish

Gather up a million colors of glitter and get started!  I always want to buy pretty colors of glitter when I’m in the store and now I have 25 more reasons to do it…ha!

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